Evolution of Lights

  • Period: 2600 BCE to

    Before 19th Century

    Firelight, candlelight, and lanterns were used as a source of light in the dark at this time.
  • The first lightbulb.

    The first lightbulb.
    Thomas Edison found that conducting electricity through a thin wire allowed it to glow and in turn create light. Putting this in the lightbulb-shaped glass amplified the light.
  • The fluorescent tube light

    The fluorescent tube light
    Thayer George Inman created this by exciting mercury gas with an electrical current so that fluorescent bulbs were created.
  • The CFL lamp

    The CFL lamp
    Edward E. Hammer made these spiral-shaped light bulbs compact and efficient so that you can still have your small light bulb that is more energy-efficient than the traditional light bulb.
  • LED lights

    LED lights
    Nick Holonack applied the concept that when electrons jump from one side to another, they emit light. This was put inside a light bulb and we now have a much less heated light bulb that saves electricity.