evolution of games/controllers

Timeline created by SW4GMONSTER1121
  • OXO Noughts and Crosses

    OXO Noughts and Crosses
    OXO, Tic Tac Toe or Noughts and Crosses was the fisrt "video game" only bieng a simple game of tic tac toe, but! on the computer, for the first time players could sit at ome and play an entertaining game of tic tac toe with small level advancements.
    the controller only being a keyboard was simplistic
  • First video game controller

    First video game controller
    the Tennis for Two was the second video game created, the game was a much more simple version of "pong" which was made as a home console, and even on more known home console's as atari.
    The controller (bottom middle) was a reqtanguler object with a nob for direction, and a button to hit the ball.
  • Spacewar!

    Spacewar, being another 2D game about flying in Space, and destroying enemy's. this game being created in 1961, as the third video game this game was made on a "home" computer. The graphics were nothing more than green lines and blue dots.
    the controller bieng only a normal key board used for most computers
  • Galaxy Game

    Galaxy Game
    The next known video game was an arcade machine known as ggalaxy game, a simple top view game using small blips for enemys and a simple ship for the character, the controller is nothing but a long analog type stick and a button to fire.
  • Magnavox odysses

    Magnavox odysses
    the magnavox odysses was the first home video gaming console, using only two white dashes on the screen and screen overlays for the games graphics, the controller was only a small box with a scroller on each side.
  • atari home pong

    atari home pong
    the atari pong system was a side scrolling version of tennis, the controllers only being a small box with a joystick and one small red button at the top right corner.
  • coleco telstar

    coleco telstar
    the coleco telstar was also a home version that included multiple versions of pong some with color and some with higher levels of dificulty, the controller was only the system itself, it had two knobs ont the front of the system which the player(s) woulld have to share.
  • fairchild channel f

    fairchild channel f
    the system was the first of its kind to release a console with cartridges(more than 26) mostly sports but some quiz games and some board games like checkers but also pong and space war, the controllers were long joysticks there was a button under the joystick if pushed correctly.
  • atari 2600

    the atari 2600 was one of the first gaming consoles to have graphics, this systems controllers was same as the previus only a box witha joystick and one red button at the top left, there was also a option for a controller with one large circle pad and a button on the right side of it.
  • nintendo famicon

    nintendo famicon
    the nintendo famicon also known as the nes(nintendo entertainment system) was the newest thing on the market( in 1983!) the games spanded over many veriaties sports board games educational and more populer title like dragons lair zelda and mario, the controller being a rectangle with two small buttons and a D-pad,the first of its kind!
  • sega genesis

    sega genesis
    the sega was the next to step up onto the plait... being the first system to be a 16 bit with better graphics than any other, it sure was! the controller was an almost moon shaped object with three buttons and a D-pad to the left.
  • super famicon

    super famicon
    the super famicon also known as the snes ( super nintendo entertainment system) was the step up from nintendo, the controllers being a rectangle...but this time with some circles at the end it had four colorful buttons on the right and a D-pad on the left
  • sony psx

    sony psx
    the sony playstation "x" or one was one of the first console(s) to rely on disc based games, nintendo finaly had a contedont to worry about, the controller had looked alot like the nintendo controller but with better grip.
  • nintendo 64

    nintendo 64
    this system the step up from the snes, although it still used cartridges it was still ver good contendant with the "psx"
    the controller being shped almost like a giant upside down w, featured a joystick!
  • sony playstation 2

    sony playstation 2
    the sony playstation made a mark on most peoples hearts in our genaration today being the current genarations toys when they were yuonger. the controller looking the smae as the first but ading doulshock which ment it was able to vibrate in most games also adding r1 r2 l1 and l2 buttons on the back side
  • nintendo gamecube

    nintendo gamecube
    the nintendo gamecube was the first nintendo system to use disc the controller was a smaller controller to the previus nintendo 64 this one added another joystick( being yellow) but was a very nice addition to it.
  • xbox

    the xbox being the firt system by microsoft also ran of disc like the playstation and gamecube, the controller was very much like a ps2 controller but did not include r1 and l1 buttons only left trigger and right trigger but did include a white and black button on the right side of the controller
  • xbox 360

    xbox 360
    the xbox 360 was very much likee the first system but now was more known by buyers, and did upgrade on desighn and graphics
    the crontrollers was very much like the frist but had swapped the black and white buttons for left and righte buttons over left and right trigger very much like the playstation 2
  • nintendo wii

    nintendo wii
    the nintendo wii was the very first console to use motion controllers in the long rectangle shape with an attachable "nunchuck"
  • playstation 3

    playstation 3
    the playstatioin 3 is the most updated system keeping the same stlye of controller only being wireless, it did have more updates to graphics and life span of the system itself.