Evolution of Cars

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In History
  • 1st ever car

    1st ever car
    Designed and put into production by Karl Benz. First ever type of car. Evolved from old transportation to this newest form (horse and wagons). Evolved because technology was getting better
  • adding windshields

    adding windshields
    Invented by Edouard Benedictus .The windshield added comfort to the driver and passenger. Able to block the wind while driving
  • adding seatbelts

    adding seatbelts
    Invented by a European Volvo mechanic. This was able to secure the driver and the passenger and keep them in place while driving. Helped out safety wise.
  • adding airbags

    adding airbags
    Air bag was invented by Peter Florjanic. As well as the seat belt, was invented for safety purposes. The people who would be driving would feel more safe. After seat belt, can be seen as the second safety feature
  • Self driving car

    Self driving car
    Designed and put in production by Elon Musk. Evolved from the driver having to drive to allowing them to be relaxed. Big leap in the future for cars