Evolution of a light bulb

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  • The Arc lamp

    The Arc lamp
    A man named Humphry Davy created a lamp using volts from a battery. This light produced brightness greater than one thousand candles.
  • A light bulb

    A light bulb
    A man named James Bowman Lindsay was the first person to make a glass bulb with an electrical charge inside of it.
  • “Light up the night”

    “Light up the night”
    Paris broke a record when they became the first city to attempt lighting their streets with electric street lamps.
  • The Geissler tube

    The Geissler tube
    A man named Heinrich Geissler created a special tube to use with electricity. It could contain an electric charge, and it would pave the way for neon and other types of lighting.
  • Tomas Edison’s designs

    Tomas Edison’s designs
    Thomas Edison created a lamp in 1879, then a 16-watt light bulb in 1880.
  • Nicola Tesla

    Nicola Tesla
    Mr. Tesla had worked clHe worked on creating a wireless electrical lamp.
  • Neon lighting

    Neon lighting
    Paris demonstrated the first neon lighting, which was created by Georges Claude, at the Paris Motor Show.
  • Fluorescent lightning

    Fluorescent lightning
    A man named Edmund Germer created a lamp for fluorescent lighting.
  • The world fair

    The world fair
    At New York's World Fair, companies competed to demonstrated the efficiency of the fluorescent light bulb.
  • Energy saving lighting

    Energy saving lighting
    The Philips Company created a fluorescent energy saving lamp. It was more efficient and used less energy but it was to expensive for consumers.
  • Longer lasting bulbs

    Longer lasting bulbs
    Edison’s bulb could last for 1500 hours. Philips created a new fluorescent bulb that could last up to 60,000 hours and be produced at a reasonable price.
  • The LED light

    The LED light
    A man named Shuji Nakamura created a new type of lighting. Using blue and white LED he started a revolution of LED lighting.
  • LED’s pushed forward

    LED’s pushed forward
    The Energy department created a device that would combime LED's together to generate better lighting.
  • The L prize competition

    The L prize competition
    The Energy Department decided to hold a contest for companies to create more efficient energy. Philips won the competition with an affordable LED bulb.
  • Energy savings

    Energy savings
    As of 2012, more than 49 million LED bulbs were being used across America. This saved around $675 million in energy costs.