Events under the Articles that led to the creation of the Constitution By: Matt Bunn

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    Events under the Articles of Confederation that led t othe Constitution

    These events occured from when the Articles were first created to the signing of the Constitution
  • Articles of Confederation created

    The Article of Confederation were created and ratified
  • Articles ratified

    The Articles of Confederation were ratified by all 13 states
  • The Ordinance of 1784

    The Ordinance of 1784 established stages for self-government in the West. Land would initially be divided into districts under the control of Congress. Over time, these districts would join the Union as member states. Created by Thomas Jefferson, the Ordinance of 1784 which would have prohibited slavery in the West was rejected in Congress by one vote.
  • Ordinance of 1785

    Dictated that land be surveyed and divided into townships. Each township, being six miles, would again be divided into 36 sections. The remaining one mile squares would be sold at a minimum of $1.00 per acre while one of the 36 squares would be set aside for public schools.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    farmers from New Hampshire to South Carolina take up arms to protest high state taxes, stiff penalties for failure to pay, and forclosure
  • Consitiutional Convention

    made up of delegates from 12 of the original 13 colonies, met in Philadelphia to draft the U.S. Constitution
  • Northwest Ordinance of 1787

    Required the establishment of three to five states north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 falsely promised Native Americans good faith and that they could keep their land. Its exclusion of slavery in the Old Northwest was also violated.