Events That Led to the War on Terrorism - Staples Assignment

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    Events that led up to the War on Terrorism

  • Americans drop atompic bomb on Hiroshima

    Americans drop atompic bomb on Hiroshima
    One of only the two aggressively-dropped bombs to ever be detonated in the world.
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    Atomic Bombs

    The only two aggressively-dropped bombs to ever be detonated in the world. Over 220,000 people were killed in the bombing. This bombing contributed to an arm's race around the world.
  • Americans drop bombs on Nagasaki

    Americans drop bombs on Nagasaki
    One of only the two aggressively-dropped bombs to ever be detonated in the world.
  • Churchill fosters the United Europe Movement

    This was a movement that was in favor of international government and was hostile to super national organs.
  • OEEC coordinates the Marshall Plan

    (Organization for European Economic Cooperation)
    THe Marshall Plan was a plan that the United States would aid and help rebuild European economies after World War II to fight the spread of communism from the Soviets.
  • Americans fight in the Korean War

    Americans fight in the Korean War over the idea of spreading free enterprise around the world.
  • The Korean War draws to a close

    The Korean War ends, leaving the North and South Koreas separate. This ended in North Korea, having a primarily Soviet influence, and South Korea having some democratic traits.
  • United States Capitol shooting

    Four Puerto Rican nationalists shoot and injure five members of the U.S House of Representatives.
  • The Vietnam War begins

    Americans fight in the war of Vietnam to stop the spread of Communism into the Southeast.
  • Soviets Launch first manned spacecraft into space

    The Soviets launch the first man into space in a spacecraft, creating a race for knowledge between the countries.
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

    An American U-2 spy plane found missile bases being assembled in Cuba. John F. Kennedy and the UN secretary agreed with the Soviets to get rid of their missiles in exchange for a no-invasion agreement, along with the removal of two American missiles in Turkey.
  • Canadian terrorists bomb English Businesses

    The Canadian Front de Liberation du Quebec bombs English businesses and ends in 8 deaths, countless injuries. (Not sure of month and day)
  • Ngo Dinh Diem is assassinated

    he Assassination was a turning point in the Vietnamese war and broke Southern Vietnam’s spirits
  • The My Lai Massacre

    The My Lai Massacre was a massive killing spree in the Vietnamese towns of My Lai and My Khe by American troops. Some 500 civilians were murdered. This gave Americans a reputation around the world as being too “trigger happy”.
  • Soviet Tanks move into Prague

    Soviet Tanks move in to Czechoslovakia to weaken the democracy and the peoples’ efforts. (Not sure of the day)
  • The United States bombs Cambodian border

    The United States drops bombs along the Cambodian and Vietnamese border. 2,750,000 tons of bombs were dropped. This contributes massively to the idea of weapons of mass destruction. (Not sure of day)
  • Munich Massacre

    This catastrophe at the Olympic Games in Munich shed light on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the world to see. This in turn also raised tensions between the two groups and caused more conflicts within the Middle East.
  • Iranian Revolution

    A series of events that led to the overthrow of Iran's monarchy. Post revolution, the weak republic aided the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, which led to the Mujahideen terrorist group and with the help of the U.S. led tot he collapse of the USSR. (Not sure of day)
  • Invasion of Afghanistan

    The ivasion by the Soviet Union opened the Middle East up to a whirl pool of reasons for terroristic plots and feelings. For example, the emergence of the Mujahideen, with the support of the USA, began attacking against the Soviets.
  • Palestinian bombing of a Synagogue in Paris

    The bombing of a French synagogue in Paris had in impact on terrorism in a domino-effect-sort-of-way. After this, bombing continued with other synagogues in Vienna and Antwep, Belgium.
  • U.S. support of Israel

    The U.S. support of Israel in the form of financial aid and weapons has also been a big cause of anger that fuels other terrorist attacks. Our blind support of them angers many Arabs, and then extremists decide to attack to get their point across. (Unsure of day and month)
  • Collapse of the USSR

    The collapse of the USSR or Soviet Union had major significance around the world. With the fall of the union, it left the U.S. as the only leading super power among the countries.
  • Palestinian shooting atop Empire State Building

    A Palestinian extremist fires upon tourists on an observation deck which is later discovered to be punishment of the US for supporting Israel.
  • Anthrax Attacks

    A number of anthrax coated letters were mailed to four different new media offices a week after 9/11.
  • War in Afghanistan

    Caused by the September 11 attacks, the War in Afghanistan when the US and others armed forces began operation Enduring Freedom to disassemble Al-Queda and the Taliban.
  • US Invasion of Iraq

    The invasion of Iraq was the start of the Iraq War of which combined forces dismantled Saddam Hussein's regime and caused more violence from outrage.
  • Saddam Hussein is put to death

    Former Iraqi president was sentenced to death because of crimes committed against humanity. Along with many people and countries who disagreed with his execution, there was uproar among Sunni terrorists.
  • Death of Osama bin Laden

    The death of the head of the Islamic militant group Al-Queda caused uproar and anger amonst other Al-Queda members and other terrorists who swore to retaliate and avenge his death.