Events That Lead To The Revolutionary War

  • French & Indian War Ends

    -Increased taxes
    -Britain Troops stay in America to enforce the payment of taxes.
    Impacted the movement westward and slowed it down
  • Strict Enforcement

    -Strict enforcement was created to enforce the payment of taxes.
    -Troops can search colonial ships to collect taxes and stop smuggling.
    -George Grenville elected as Finance Minister
    -Troops can now award monopolies search ships and have to be housed.
    Impacts trading within the americas and only makes it possible to trade with Britain
  • Sugar Act

    -Lowers taxes from molasses act
    -Created to decrease smuggling
    -Indirect Tax was added into cost of sugar products
    -Issued Writs of Assistance which troops could search property without a warrant
    Impacts people who have never paid taxes before and confuses and upsets them.
  • Stamp Act

    -Tax on all printed goods
    -Direct tax; paid separate from item
    -Range in costs
    -Met with colonial resistance (Stamp Act Congress)
    Angers the people of America and rebels are created.
  • Quartering Act 1766

    Requires that Americans must house and feed Brithish soldiers in the colonies.
    Impacts the citizens and the tension of americans because now troops are in the Americas
  • Townshend Acts (1766)

    -British repeal Stamp act -Replace with Townshend Acts -Tax on glass, paint, tea, and others -Similar to Navigation Acts -Exception: money used to finance troops in colonies -Replealed after four years (1770) impacts the amount of tax people have to pay in America
  • Declaratory Acts

    After repealing the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts, Parliament passed the Declaratory Act. This act claimed that all laws passed by the British were superior to those of the Americans. In the colonies were both loyalists(British supporters) and Patriots(who supported independence from Britain.
    Impacts the thirst for freedom by the patriots of America
  • Tea Act

    -Tax on tea
    -created because East India Co. was in danger of bankruptcy.
  • Boston Tea Party

    -In reaction to Tea act men throw between 1-3 million dollars worth of tea into the bay of Boston.
    Shows the British that the americans will continue to rebel against everything
  • Intolerable Acts

    Acts that were used to punish tax collectors by tarring and feathering. It impacted many people because everyone knew it was wrong.