Events at The School

  • Opening of school

    Philander Chase seals the hellmoth, trains students and professors to contain it. The group responsible is henceforth referred to as "Chase's Men."
  • Period: to

    Chase's Men are active

  • Hellbeast escapes

    For the first time in nearly a hundred years, the group responsible for policing the hellmouth has an actual enemy to face, and they find themselves woefully underprepared and outmatched. They begin looking though Chase's documents, looking for ways to fight the thing.
  • Virgil becomes immortal

    In an attempt to increase their chances of winning against the hellbeast, the group uses a spell they find instructions for in Chase's journals. They believe this will essentially give him magic armor for a few weeks, allowing them to use him as bait when figting the hellbeast. They don't realize it at the time, but in actuality it makes him immortal.
  • Chase's Men are sent to hell

    Chase's men confront the hellbeast, using another spell they find among Chase's things. Unfortunately, they perform it incorrectly, and it send them all to hell, except Virgil. This is the origin of the "backwards through the gates of hell at midnight on halloween" myth. Additionally, this takes place on the future site of the Hill theater, causing the car accident myth. Because they disappear, they never train the next group. The Chase's Men tradition ends here.
  • Virgil leaves the school

    Virgil decides that he gives no fucks about the school and is incapable of doing much about the hellmouth anyway. He is greiving the loos of his friends and suffereing from pretty massive survivor's guilt. He drops out. Depressed and apathetic about his own life, he just straight walks away from the school.
  • Period: to

    VIrgil Wanders the U.S.

    Virgil walks away from school, and keeps walking until it dawns on him that he doesn't need food or water. In fact, he doesn't even seem to age. He slowly comes to realize exactl what the spell did to him. He basically wants to die, but can't. Instead, he wanders the United States on foot for 80 years, taking occasional odd jobs to pass the time.
  • Virgil realizes he is very hard to kill

    Becuase he doesn't freeze to death, Virgil realizes that the spell must still be acting on him.
  • Virgil tries to save Chase's Men

    Virgil attempts to go through the hellmouth and drag his friends back out. He finds that being immortal prevents him from even entering hell. He begins looking into other methods.
  • Cult Forms

    In response to the obvious hell-related activity at the school, a group of students come together with the intent of harnessing the power of the hellmouth for personal gains. They establish a base of operations in the woods in what is now the BFEC, and cast a spell that alters perceptions to make it essentially undetecable.
  • Period: to

    Cukt is Active

  • Cult members weaken seal on hellmouth

    In an attempt to make it easier to draw power from the hellmouth, which the members understand is a hugel powerful something, though they don't know it's hell, the cult weakens the hold that the Gates of Hell have on the hellmouth. This lends the campus to hauntings, general bad everts and bad luck, and makes it easier for hellbeasts to escape.
  • Cult members contact Chase's Men

    Taking advantage of the weakened seal, the cult members contact Chase's Men. They explain their situation, and the effects of the weakened hellmouth. The cult members feel remorse. They consider attempting to save Chase's Men, but are told that weakening the hellmouth any further may destroy the entire campus and/or world.
  • Cult members leave the school

    The cult members, realizing they are in over their heads, leave the school. One transfers, two drop out.
  • Man dies in Caples elevaor shaft

    You know this story.
  • The Cult member who trannsferred commits suicide

    He partially blames himself for anything that goes south at the school now. The Caples death was the last straw.
  • Second cult member dies

    He dies of natural causes. It is not particularly remarkable.
  • Students investigate weird stuff in woods

    A few students notice the weirdness caused by the cult's lingering perception filter. They take a video camera with them to investigate.
  • Period: to

    Students are Investigating

  • One of the students interviews the surviving cult member

    To try to understand what's going on on campus, one of the students interviews the surviving cult member over winter break. The man is remorseful and nearly incoherent, but explains all he knows.. He explains that Chase's Men are in hell, but getting them out is nearly impossible and super dangerous. This is all recorded.
  • Virgil gets Student Inestigator's flash drive

    Virgil sees one of the investigators posting in an online forum. He returns to the school, finds that they've stopped investigating, and is dissappointed. He talks to one of the investigators, posing as an interested first-year, and manages to obtain a flash drive of all the videos they took. He learns for the first time about the cult and their contact with Chase's Men, but can't figure out how to duplicate their process.
  • Daniel has his first dream

    Daniel has a dream in which a man named Zachariah appears. He tells Daniel that he appears in the dream, but it not actually an element of Daniel's subonscious, but an independent entity. He also tells Daniel to check the top left drawer. Daniel has no idea what this means.
  • CR finds the cabin

    After a hike in the woods and some zany mindgamey antics, CR and co find a way past the perception filter the cult reated , and disable it once they enter the shack. The presence of a journal in the top left drawer prompts Daniel to tell the others about his dreams, and they begin to investigate the school's supernatural aspects.
  • Virgil returns to campus

    Virgil hears about the shack, the odd discovery of which is mentioned briefly in a newsletter. He begins walking back to campus, and takes advantage of his college-age appearance to pose as a student and meet the people responsible.
  • Daniel spends a night in Hell

    In hell, he meets Zachariah and Alan, who turn out to be an archangel and the devil, respectively. Zachariah protects Daniel until his friends manage to get him out.