Evaluation Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in progression from it to the full main product?

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    What have I learnt in progression from the preliminary task to the main product?

  • Completion of the Preliminary Task

    Completion of the Preliminary Task
  • The Rule of Thirds

    The Rule of Thirds
    I've learnt about the Rule of Thirds, this is where an image/shot is broken down into thirds, horizontally and vertically so that there are nine sections.
  • The Different Idents

    Before we began work for the main task, I was unaware that different companies are responsable for different genre of films. The specific idents target specific audiences. My knowledge developed further when it came to deciding which ident was most suitable for our title sequence as at first we had chosen Paramount Gulf + Western, a more outdated version which would not relate to our title sequence, so the contemporary option was to choose Paramount Pictures for our contemporary western.
  • Sound

    Since the prelimary task which did not feature music of any sort, instead just an ambiance track for continuity, I have learnt that there is no such thing as silence as John Cage's 4 3'3 was trying to prove. I have gained more confidence when dealing with sound, as our title sequence had to be carefully listen to in order for the sequence to fit together, therefore sound simply cannot just be 'added' but instead carefully selected and fitted.
  • Chromakey (Green Screen)

    Chromakey (Green Screen)
    I have learnt about and gained experience using chromakey (a green screen) after capturing footage that in the end, we didn't use. I have learnt that the colour could be anything but green, yet the bright green is rarely worn in media productions. Using the screen made it available for my group and I to film without finding a real location.
  • Keylight (1.2)

    Keylight (1.2)
    I learnt how to Keylight (1.2) the green screen footage, even though it was not used for the final main product, using Adobe After Effects CS5.5. I do not feel as though this footage was a waste of our time as it gave me experience with using a green screen as well as Keylight (1.2).
  • Audio Network

    I have learnt about the different websites that music/ambiance tracks/sound can be purchased for the use of media product. Audio Network was where my group and I found the emotive, western piece of music that fitted perfectly with the footage and storyline for our main product. I will use this website for future use as it's easy, cheap and there's a whole variety of music.
  • Technologies

    I have learnt a whole new amount of knowledge about technologies (see question 6) that I didn't know before the coursework. I have learnt about the differences a model of camera can make to footage, e.g filming with 1080p gives for sharper footage. I've also gained a lot of confidence with Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects CS5.5 as well as Keylight (1.2).
  • Completetion of the Main Task

  • The Different Online Media

    I've developed my knowledge and gained confidence with the different online tools which have helped me create my evaluation questions and also presented my research. For example, I have become a fan of Prezi Presentation which I have used to present research into the History of the Western Genre. Also, I have developed my skills using Tumblr which has helped all AS Media students to document their coursework.