Europe 1933-1945

  • Hitler chancellor of Germany

    Hitler was named chancellor by Heidenburg.
  • Democracy on Germany ended

    Democracy on Germany came to an end when the Reichstag passed the so-called "Enabling Law"
  • France industry went through crisis

    France could not restore the level of national income to that of the 1920
  • Hitler goes out of the League of Nations

    Hitler showed his contempt for the versailles settlement by withdrawing germany from the league of nations.
  • Japan left the league

    japan wasn't ready to accept anny criticism and left the league of nations.
  • Riot in France

    14 people were killed in paris.
  • soviet union become a member of the league

  • Stresa Front

    an anti german grouping of britain france and italy founded the stresa front.
  • Conquest of Abyssinia

    Italy invaded and conquered Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia)
  • Conscription

    Hitler introduces conscription, so soldiers began to increase massively. the limits of the treaty of versailles had been overturned.
  • Hoare-Laval pact

    They designed a compromise between the prime minister of france and the british foreign secretary. Abyssinia would have been divided in two.
  • Communist party rose at france

    the communist party began to do very well in elections.
  • Mussolini thanks hitler

    he was happy because of the increase in german control over austria.
  • Ban the sale of oil and petrol to italy

    the ban had not started properly, italy won the wair in abyssinia
  • Rhineland

    German troops march into the rhineland, this action was a clear breach of the treaty of versailles.
  • anti comintern pact

    italy, germany and japan joined that pact, they pledged to fight against communism
  • Rome-Berlin Axis

    Mussolini made an agreement to work with Hitler.
  • spanish civil war

    germany and italy send help to the anti government side.
  • Anschluss

    Austria was in a state of crisis, local nazis were making life difficult for the government of chancellor kurt schuschnigg.
  • The Plebiscite

    schuschnigg made one last desperate attempt to keep austria independent, but on the 11, germans were attacking austria.
  • chamberlain talks

    firstly, it was said that france would support czechoslovakia in case of an attack, then the government changed in france. czechoslovakia could not be saved.
  • Henlein

    Hitler mets Henlein to give him instructions, hitler wanted to create a crisis over czechoslovakia.
  • Changes on france

    there was a new prime minister, daladier.
  • Munich and the destruction of Czechoslovakia

    Britain and France signed the munich agreement that broke up czechoslovakia and gave much of it to germany.
  • Hitler prepares to act

    hitler was sure that france or britain won't intervene if he attacked czechoslovakia, italy would support germany. this day, hitler makes know his generals that he decided to smash czechoslovakia near the future
  • Munich conference

    the conference did not involve any real negotiations, france and britain simply agree to give hitler what he wanted.
  • German invasion to czechoslovakia

    german troops marched unopposed into the sudentenland, czech president was forced to go into exile.
  • Schuschnigg visits hitler

    hitler demanded that nazis be allowed to join the austrian government and be given control of law and order.
  • Hitler prepares for war

    in summer, hitler prepared for a war against poland, he created a crisis over the city of danzig, he did not believe poland would be supported by france and britain.
  • Attack of poland

    Hitler attacks poland
  • The nazi soviet pact

    Stalin made an agreement with hitler.
  • Break of the second world war

    Germany invades what was left of czechoslovakia, later the British and the French governments declared war on germany.
  • stalin attacks

    stalin uses his forces to cross the plish frontier and took control of part of eastern poland.
  • Finland defeated

    it took from 1939 to 1940 to defeat his small neighbour.
  • Hitler attacks norway and denmark

    france and britain were stopping the iron ore treade, so germany responded by invading norway and denmark.
  • Churchill came to power

    winston churchill cames to power in britain.
  • Forces of mussolini defeated

    his forces were defeated when he went to war against france and britain and the usa in north africa.
  • Hitler attacks stalin

    this was a great turning point of the war, germans attacks russia, first, he gets two cities, then the winter came and soldiers were not prepared, hitler thought the war will last 3 months.
  • Hitler tries to get russia again

    they concentrated their forces in the south and tried to capture stalingrad, the soviets launch a counter attack and they surround the germans.
  • german surrender in russia

    the german army at stalingrad surrendered. that battle was a crucial event, it proved the red army could beat the german army
  • the end game

    british and american troops landed in italy, rome was attacked.
  • Italy invaded

    Italy was itself invaded in 1943, one of the causes is going to war against britain and france.
  • france was re-conquered.

    british and american forces had reached paris, after some early success the german attack was turned back.
  • germans abandoned leningrad

    germans abandoned the siege of leningrad, which had been going on for over two years.
  • Suicide

    Hitler commited suicide in his bunker at the end of the Second World War.
  • german forces surrender

    the german forces finally surrender, but the war continued against japan.
  • Second world war is over

    japan surrenders with the two atomic bombs.
  • Mussolini executed

    Mussolini and his lover, displayed after been tried and executed by italian partisans in Milan in 1945
  • all italy was taken

    the hole italy was under british and american control.