Europe 1933 - 1945

  • Hitler Chancellor

    Hitler Chancellor
    This was possible, because he was aible to do deals with other patries and because he was having 230 seats on the reichstag, that he achieved in july of 1932
  • Rearmed of Germany

    Rearmed of Germany
    Hitler instructed the general, von Fistch to creat an army of the gratest possible stength. This was because, germany was getting ready for another war.
  • Rearmed of Germnay

    Rearmed of Germnay
    Produce tanks for the rearmy
  • Hitler to the power

    Hitler to the power
    This was made, by a lot of causes, but the most essential, was the impact of the depression that let hitler get more people in his nazy party.
  • Japan leave The League of Nations

    Japan leave The League of Nations
    This was beacuse Japan attacked Manchuria in 1931, and the league criticised Japan
  • Reichstag get fired

    Reichstag get fired
    In that year the Reichstag get fired, and Hitler blame the communist for the action
  • Germany leave the league of Nations

    Germany leave the league of Nations
    This was because Germany started challenge the League
  • Period: to

    Soviet get linked with France and Britain?

    Between this years, Litvinov tried to build links with Britain and France, in order to counter the threat from Germany
  • Nights of the long knives

    Nights of the long knives
    This was an event, where hitler killed the leader of the SA, becuase he was getting a lot of power in the nazy party. He killed 300 other leaders that nigth
  • Rearmed of Germany

    Rearmed of Germany
    Germany was making aircraft and warships
  • Hitler became Fhurer

    Hitler became Fhurer
    This was because, Hindeburg, died and Hitler concetrate the power and he proclaimed Fhurer
  • Soviet Union member of the league

    Soviet Union member of the league
    This was because, the soviet Union was a very powerful country, and would be a very important peace to the League
  • Period: to

    Money for War

    The countries where earning lot of money, to spend it in the war, like Britain that between 1934-38, spent an amount of money on defences
  • Hitler conscription

    Hitler conscription
    Hitler increment massivly the number of soldiers
  • The Stresa Front

    The Stresa Front
    It was an anti-German group, established by, Britanin, France and Italy
  • Period: to

    Italy conquered Abyssinia

    The attack stared, 3 of october of 1035 and finished after the Hoare-Laval Pact, in may 1936
  • Neutrality Act

    Neutrality Act
    It was porpouse by Roosevelta American President. He made this, because he did not want to involved America in the war.
  • Hoare Laval Pact

    Hoare Laval Pact
    It was between minister of France(Laval) and secretary of Britain(Hoare), This says that Abyssinia would have been divided in two, with italy given the richer part
  • Difieing the Teatry of Versailles

    Difieing the Teatry of Versailles
    He ordere German troops to march into Rhineland. This action was a clear breach of the Teatry
  • Italy conquered Abyssinia

    Italy conquered Abyssinia
    Descripition in the timpespan
  • Rome- Berlin Axis

    Rome- Berlin Axis
    Its was a pact between Hitler and Mussolini, that says they would defend each other.
  • Spanish civil War

    Spanish civil War
    by a group of conservative generals under the leadership of José Sanjurjo against the Government of the Second Spanish Republic
  • The Anti-Comintern Pacto

    The Anti-Comintern Pacto
    It was a pacto between Italy, Germany and Japan; they pledged to fight against communism
  • Schuschnigg visit Hitler

    Schuschnigg visit Hitler
    This event was because in january of that year, it was descovered by austrians that was a plot by Austrians nazi to creat caos in Austria. In this meeting, Hiter didn t leave Schuschnigg with another option and he return to Austria
  • Germnay invaded Austria

    Germnay invaded Austria
    This was because, Schuschnigg pretend to doy a plebiscite to get his country independent of Germany
  • Hitler went to Austria(LInz)

    Hitler went to Austria(LInz)
    A thay after German get annexed with Austria, he went to visit it.
  • Chamberlain without allies

    Chamberlain without allies
    He was told that South African and Australian governments would not give militart support if war broke out
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    It was between Germany, Britain, France and Italy. They agreed, of Germany get annxation of the Sudetenland
  • Troops marched to Sudetenland

    Troops marched to Sudetenland
    This was when, it was achieved the terms of HItler by getting annexed with de Sudetenland
  • French industry destroyed

    French industry destroyed
    This was after the gran depression afected part of France
  • Whole Czechoslovaquia invaded

    Whole Czechoslovaquia invaded
    After attacking de left of Czechoslovaquia, Hilter ordered to smash it all
  • British, French and Soviet met

    British, French and Soviet met
    It was made by the military leades of each one to have a talked in Leningrad, where the Soviet disagreed becuase he couln t passed by Polando territory
  • HItler`s letter

    HItler`s letter
    Hitler send a letter to Stalin, proposing of meeting in Moscow, to get new relationships
  • Nazi-Soviet non agression pact

    Nazi-Soviet non agression pact
    Hitler send Ribbentrop to Moscow where he met, Stalin. There they signed the nazi soviet pact, that says, they would be allied, anda the nazi would provied part of territory, like part of polan
  • Invading Poland

    Invading Poland
    This was, because, Hitler achieved having security in the east of Europe becuase of signing with Stalin, so it was easier, beacuase he did not have to worry about that part of Eurpe
  • Second World War begun

    Second World War begun
    This was because, Hitler attacked poland, and France and Britain governments declared the war to Germany.
  • Chamberalin and Hitler s met

    Chamberalin and Hitler s met
    They meet in Germany, where they that the s¡udeteland should be annexed by Germany
  • Period: to

    Phoney War

    It was the little figthing between Britain, France and Germnay
  • The fall of France

    The fall of France
    In 1940, Nerthlands, Belguim, and France was invaded and rapidly defeated by Germany forces.
  • German against Soviet Union

    German against Soviet Union
    The ambituios of Hitler on expanding, his territory, so he attacked his allied, Soviet Union,in an opration known to the German leaders as Barbarossa
  • Japan went with USA

    Japan went with USA
    Japan went in war with a surprise attacked on th US naval base of Pearl Harbor
  • Britain defeats Germany in Africa

    Britain defeats Germany in Africa
    When Germany started to get wider, they lost everything, like his territory in Africa
  • The 'D Day'

    The 'D Day'
    Fance was invaded when British and American forces had reached
  • Germans lunches counter attack

    Germans lunches counter attack
    It was a German launched attack in the Ardnnes are of Belgium
  • Mussolini Death

    Mussolini Death
    Mussolini was captured and killed by anti- fascists, and his body was put on public in Milan
  • Hitler suicied

    Hitler suicied
    Soviet forces captured Berlin, and hitler commited suicide where he was hiding
  • German forces surrendered

    German forces surrendered
    Although the forces finally surrendered, the war continued against Japan
  • Italy under control

    Italy under control
    In 1944, Rome was under Britain control, 1 year later whole Italy was under British and American control
  • Atomic Bombs

    Atomic Bombs
    Two tomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • End of the second world war

    End of the second world war
    When the Japonese govenment surrender after the atomics bombs the secon world war, turn over