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Eucharist Timeline / Noah T

  • 55

    Beginning of the eucharist

    Beginning of the eucharist
    It begins with Jesus giving bread and wine to each of his disciples.
  • Period: 55 to

    Eucharist is believed to be a way of recalling what Jesus said and did.

  • Period: 55 to


    A loaf of bread.
    A host.
    The alter.
    Grapes and wine.
  • 120

    Celebrated with a meal

    Celebrated with a meal
    Christian's had to follow a document that focused on worship and church discipline
  • 300

    Celebration change

    From every Sunday to daily. (more praying.)
  • Period: to

    Eucharist at Church.

    They tried to make it a more regular occurrence, they wanted the entire congregation to participate.