Ethan Lockwood

  • Dec 27, 1571

    The Birth

    The Birth
    Johannes Kelper was born December 27, 1571 in a little town called Weil der Stadt in Swabia until he was 5, then he moved to another place called Leonberg with his parents.
  • Period: Dec 27, 1571 to

    Ethan Lockwood

  • Nov 1, 1577

    The Inspiration

    The Inspiration
    His mother on that night showed him a birght gleaming comet in the sky which affected him to a point where he did more research in later life
  • School Life

    School Life
    After passing a few tests, Kelper was accepted into the covent school of Adelberg. There, he wasn't very popular an didn't have many friends because of his high intellectuality
  • Setting The Bar

    Setting The Bar
    He passed his Masters test as rank #2 out of a class of 14. For that, he was awraded with a renewed scholarship. His scholarship was expired because it was assumed that people with scholarships came from poor people.
  • I Do

    I Do
    He married Barbera nee Muller. One year later, a son was born that died sixty days after birth. Another after that, a duaghte was born that ended up dying thirty-five days after being born
  • His Big Break

    His Big Break
    Kelper recieved a note from Galileo of thanks for introducing him to the theory he came up with. Later on, he wrote back begging Galileo to support the thoery Kelper called the Copernican theory.
  • Perfecting the Theory

    Perfecting the Theory
    after much calculation, time, and effort, Kelper finished and modeled his thoery into a representatiom. His first planet that he found out was Mars.
  • Spreading The Word

    Spreading The Word
    Kepler wrote a book, Dioptrice, describing all of the laws and the passage of light through lenses and lens systems. With this, the so-called astronomical telescope was born, and now often called a Keplerian telescope.
  • Hard Times

    Hard Times
    A civillian broke out and started a fire in a city called Linz, which destoryed the printing house of Kelper's book.Soldies were protected and protected Kelper's family along with his home. Kelper and his family left Linz shorty after.
  • Death

    Kelper died in Regensburg, Germany as a result of a severe fever that grew worse and worse over time. Kelper continuously lost contiousnous.