ESOC 210 Timeline

  • Richard Stallman - Freshman at Harvard

    In 197, he was a freshman at Harvard University he was a really good student who later joined Artificial Intelligence Laboratory then joined Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • the Beginning of success

    He began to write Emacs text editor in C computer programming language with a fellow colleague James Gosling who developed Java
  • Richard Stallman Graduation

    He earned his bachelors degree in physics, in 1974
  • Stallman Began Working

    Stallman later realized that he wanted to start working on his own time. He started his GNU Project (operating system). GNU was made to be a free version of AT&T's UNIX.
  • MIT

    Richard Stallman left MIT in 1984 over the university software copyright rules.
  • Foundations

    1985 was the year that Stallman founded his nonprofit Free Software Foundation which mainly supported the GNU project.
  • Greatness

    Stallman was awarded the MacArthur fellowship due to what he's done in his life time so far. this later helped him write many different utilities for the GNU project.
  • Linux

    Stallman in the next couple years teamed up with a computer science student named Linus Torvalds and worked on the GNU project and made GNU/Linux.
  • AT&T

    AT&T sold the rights to Unix then to Novell then later sold once more to Santa Cruz Operation.
  • The Open Group

    UNIX became trademarked to the The Open Group in industry consortium which was founded 1996
  • Published

    Stallman still working on different versions of the GNU project has time to write and get published "The Free Universal Encyclopedia and Learning Resource" right after that he set up another open source encyclopedia project.
  • GNU version...

    GNU was going through the finishing process of version 3 Stallman decided to do another one right after and that began version 4
  • Vice

    Vice posted copies of Stallman's emails from 2013 that raise controversy due to comments about child pornography this lead to many people asking him for his resignation at his position.
  • Resignation

    Stallman turned in his resignation to MIT and FSF due to misunderstandings
  • The Return

    Stallman made an announcement that he will return to the FSF board of directions