Mid 90's - 2000's Technology

  • IBM Activa

    IBM Activa
    September 1994
    By IBM This invention helped a lot of people around the world by virtually bringing us together, facilitated online search, as well as working from home. It has personally helped me as a kid by providing me with access to the internet and learn from it for academic purposes, and it has also helped my father tremendously in his line of work.
  • Sony Sports Walkman

    Sony Sports Walkman
    First invented on July 1st, 1979.
    By: Sony This beautiful Walkman was a great invention as people at the time did not have portable music devices to carry on them while venturing out. It was very compact (at the time) and was very easy to operate. I know many people who have enjoyed this device including myself. It personally served me as a companion that entertained me with my favorite songs for a long time.
  • Ericsson Cellphone

    Ericsson Cellphone
    By: Ericsson Mobile Communications This cute little cellphone invention was very innovative at its time, and has helped me and my loved ones connect with each other by offering portability without having to leave it at home in comparison to cord phones.
  • Nintendo Gameboy

    Nintendo Gameboy
    The first GameBoy was introduced in April 21st, 1989 by Nintendo. I remember in the early 90's when I was a little kid, gaming options were very limited and not very fun to play. This GameBoy on the other hand was a genius invention at the time, as it supported better graphics (for a little console) and mine was in colors. It was also very convenient due to its small and compact size, so I took it pretty much everywhere I went.
  • Sony PlayStation 1

    Sony PlayStation 1
    Released in September 9th, 1995 in North America by Sony. PlayStation was literally the next level when it came to video games. The graphics were superior to any previous gaming consoles and the games were more fun. It did also contribute to many new friendships at the time, as many of my classmates would ask to come over my house and play video games together. I have since remained loyal to Sony consoles and have never played nor purchased another one from its competitors.