Eric Lo's Tank Timeline

By goo
  • Jan 1, 1482

    Concept of tanks

    Concept of tanks
    Here is info about the concept for tanksAs early as 1482 Leonardo da Vinci claimed to be able to make wheeled, armored, gun (really a cannon) firing vehicles.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    When the war began, the tank was introduced.
  • First use

    First use
    In 1916, the tank was first used in battle by the British in WW1.
  • First American tank made.

    First American tank made.
    The "Liberty Rolls" is first American Tank made.
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    Tanks were greatly improved by the time this war started
  • Flame tanks

    Flame tanks
    Flame tank info.Flame tanks were introduced and used in World War 2.
  • U.S Shermen tank design made

    U.S Shermen tank design made
    In 1941, the Shermen tank design was finished and later sent out to war
  • Germen Tiger tank introduced

    Germen Tiger tank introduced
    Tiger tank info.The powerful Tiger tank was sent out for duty.
    Here is more information about the Tiger tank.
  • Notorious German Panther

    Notorious German Panther
    Here is Panther tank infoNazi's most powerful tank was first sent out to war.
  • Abrams A1 Modren tank of U.S

    Abrams A1 Modren tank of U.S
    Info. about Abram tanksThe Abram is one of many modren tanks being used now, first introduced in 2003.