Era 8 & 9: The roaring twenties, the great depression & World War 2

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    Waren G Harding's Presidency

    Harding died in office, just as massive corruption in the Teapot Dome scandal was about to become public. Because of these scandals, Harding is regarded as the worst President.
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    Calvin Coolidge's Presidency

    Coolidge's term was marked by economic prosperity. However, he ignored signs that the stock market was likely to collapse.
  • Great Depression Begins

    The stock market crash happened in 1929. The crash was a result of people investing too much time in stocks. The crash was the later cause of America’s first great depression.
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    Herbert Hoover's Presidency

    The stock market crashed a few months into Hoover's term. The Great Depression that followed was widely and some say unfairly blamed on Hoover.
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    FDR Presidency

    One of the most popular presidents. Only president ever elected 4 times. The New deal helped end the depression