E.R Book #1: Children of Terror Timeline

  • Bozenna Urbanowicz was born!

    Bozenna Urbanowicz is a polish Cathlioc girl. She was born within months of Inge Auerbacher. Now, 77 years old, Bozenna and Inge share their story together.
  • Inge Auerbacher was born!

    Inge Auebacher was born the same year as Bozenna Urbanowicz.They were actually born just within months of eachother. 77 years old now, Inge likes to share her story nationwide.
  • Inge's father gets arrested and put in a concentration camp.

    http://www.graceproducts.com/fmnc/ainge.htmIt was only a month before inge's 4th birthday, and she witnesses her father being arrested and put in a concentration camp. Since Inge Auerbacher is only a little girl, she is horrified.The worst part is ( and Inge doesn't even realize this yet) this is only the beggining for Inge's terrifying experience.
  • Inge is scared, and seperated.

    Inge is very scared and fearful in this concentration camp. She sadly is seperated from her parents. They are in the same camp, but there are different house type things over acres. You have to remember, Inge is only a little gril.
  • Bozenna Urbanowicz was taken to a concentratiohn camp.

    Bozenna was only 8 years old when arrested by the German Nazis. Her family was taken together. They were on a train to a camp thinking how awful it was going to be. Even though it was, the Nazis told them that they were going to a beautiful destination in which they would be treated like loyalty, but of course, they lied! To this day, Bozenna still doesn't understand why they tricked the prisoners so harshly.
  • Bozenna is very confused!

    Bozenna is forced to strip naked in a shower full of strangers ( not including her parents). The German Nazis check them and eventually that day, shave their heads. Unfortuantely, the Nazis don't care and just practically cut their heads off ( cut people's scalps uncarefully and just doesn't give a heck).
  • Bozenna sees people get murdered!

    Bozenna is alone, laying in her bunkbed/cot type thing. She sees Nazis call out numbers and they are just randomly picking people. At first, Bozenna is jealous because the Nazis told the selected people that they are going to take a "shower". She later finds out that the "showers" are gas chambers.
  • Inge and the rest of her family gets put in a concentration camp.

    It was about a 4 year time length between Inge and her dad being put in a camp. The concentration camp is called Theresienstadt. Inge was only 8 years old.
  • Nazis secret plan

    Nazis are realizing that their time is coming to an end. They try to make a plan. Their plan is to kill all the remaining Jewish people ( in the gas chambers) before the war ends. Luckily, the war ended in time. Thank gosh!
  • Inge wants out!

    Inge is desperately waiting for this war to end! Inge is lonely, without even family by her side. She doesn't even know that her family is dead!
  • The time is up!

    Inge and Bozenna get to live! The American army comes and releases all of the live holocaust victims. Inge and Bozenna aren't as happy as you think because they are poor ( since everything is destroyed, including their homes) and have no family left. To this day and age, Bozenna and Inge had a dream to write this books together to share their heart-wrentching story.