Covid 19


  • Transmission: First Patient

    The earliest date of symptom onset, according to a study in the journal Lancet:
  • Transmission: Patient in Wuhan

    Transmission: Patient in Wuhan
    Patient in the city of Wuhan sought medical help for pneumonia-like symptoms
  • Knowledge: Hubei Report

    Knowledge: Hubei Report
    Local hospitals in Hubei report the first four cases of a "pneumonia of unknown etiology"
  • Knowledge: Alerting WHO

    Knowledge: Alerting WHO
    Chinese authorities alert WHO about a string of pneumonia-like cases in Wuhan
  • Containment: Seafood Market Closed

    Containment: Seafood Market Closed
    The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market that was identified as a suspected center of the outbreak is closed
  • Knowledge: Whistleblower Arrested

    Knowledge: Whistleblower Arrested
    Dr. Li Wenliang was arrested for spreading supposedly "false" rumours about the novel coronavirus
  • Transmission: First Death

    First death was recorded and WHO confirms isolation of a novel coronavirus from a patient
  • Knowledge: genetic sequence

    China publicly shared the genetic sequence of COVID-19
  • Transmission: Thailand

    Thailand reports the first case: 61-year-old woman who did not visit the seafood market
  • Containment: Screening Measures

    Containment: Screening Measures
    Wuhan implements screening measures for travelers leaving the city at airports, railway stations, and other passenger terminals
  • Transmission: Japan

    Japan reports its first case: mid-thirties man who did not visit the seafood market
  • Transmission: Death and Case

    A second man, age 69, dies in Wuhan & Thailand reports its second case, a 74-year-old woman
  • Transmission: More Cases Abroad

    The number of confirmed cases rises to 218, with cases in Korea, Beijing, Guangdong, and Shanghai
  • Containment: China CDC

    Containment: China CDC
    China's CDC announces coronavirus as a Class B infectious disease with Class A measures to prevent and control the disease
  • Knowledge: Transmission

    Knowledge: Transmission
    Chinese state TV confirms the human-to-human transmission of the disease
  • Transmission: Cases Rising

    US confirms first case in Washington state, a man who travelled to the Wuhan area & New cases in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
  • Containment: North Korea

    Containment: North Korea
    North Korea closes its borders to all foreign tourists
  • Knowledge: Mutate?

    Knowledge: Mutate?
    Chinese officials confirm the virus may mutate
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Chinese CDC confirms 440 cases in mainland china and 9 deaths
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Chinese CDC confirms 571 cases in mainland China and 17 deaths
  • Containment: Quarantines

    China extends travel quarantines to five cities
  • Knowledge: Public Health Emergency

    Knowledge: Public Health Emergency
    WHO meets and decides not to declare the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)
  • Containment: Quarantines

    Containment: Quarantines
    China extends travel restrictions/quarantines to twelve cities
  • Knowledge: Hospitals

    Knowledge: Hospitals
    Wuhan construction crews are working on two hospitals to treat patients of the outbreak
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Chinese CDC confirms 830 cases in mainland China and 26 deaths & Confirmed cases extends to Nepal, Vietnam, France, Malaysia
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Cases are confirmed in Australia (1), Canada (1), US (3)
  • Knowledge: Medical Worker

    First medical professional who had treated people with the coronavirus dies from the virus
  • Containment: Bans

    Containment: Bans
    China bans the trade of wild animals throughout the country, including in markets and online
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Cases are confirmed in Cambodia (1), Sri Lanka (1), Germany (1)
  • Containment: Restrictions & Evacuations

    HK and Mongolia announce partial closure of borders with mainland China, Japan and US evacuate their nationals from Wuhan, United Airlines suspends all flights to China from the US
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Cases are confirmed in UAE (1), Finland (1)
  • Containment: Restrictions

    US issues a Level 4 travel advisory for all of China, Russia closes its borders with China
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Cases are confirmed in India (1), Philippines (1), US (6)
  • Knowledge: WHO Declaration

    Knowledge: WHO Declaration
    WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Cases are confirmed in Russia (1), Italy (1), UK (1)
  • Containment: Border Control

    Mongolia closes its border with China
  • Transmission: Death and Case

    US confirms the eighth case, the Philippines reports first death outside of mainland China
  • Transmission: Discharge

    First US coronavirus patient is discharged from the hospital
  • Transmission: more than 20,000 confirmed cases

    Mostly in Wuhan and official count of recovered patients exceeds deaths for the first time
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases & Death

    Case confirmed in Belgium (1). HK report second death outside China
  • Containment: Bans

    Taiwan announces ban on foreign nationals who have been to China in past fourteen days, UK and France advise against all but essential travel to mainland China
  • Containment: Quarantines

    Hong Kong announces mandatory two-week quarantine for anyone arriving from Mainland China
  • Transmission: Japan Cruise Ship

    Transmission: Japan Cruise Ship
    Japan confirms cases on a cruise ship Dimond Princess with nearly 4000 passengers and crew, announcing the quarantining of the ship for two weeks in Yokohama
  • Knowledge: Criteria Changed

    The National Health Commission allowed clinical diagnoses using CT scans due to a shortage of test kits, suspected cases are allowed to be admitted with respiratory symptoms
  • Knowledge: Whistleblower Dead

    Knowledge: Whistleblower Dead
    Dr Li Wenliang dies from the coronavirus
  • Transmission: Death Toll

    Death toll for coronavirus surpasses 1000
  • Knowledge: Naming COVID-19

    Knowledge: Naming COVID-19
    WHO names the disease COVID-19
  • Transmission: Japan Cruise Ship

    Transmission: Japan Cruise Ship
    Japan confirms 218 cases aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship
  • Containment: Dismissal

    China dismisses top party officials in Hubei province
  • Transmission: Global Total

    64,435 cases, 1,383 deaths
  • Transmission: Death Toll

    Iran reported two deaths hours after confirming first case
    China: 2118 deaths, 74576 cases
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Israel report first confirmed case, Italy confirms third death
  • Transmission: Iran's Deputy Health Minister

    Health Minister Iraj GHarirchi confirmed he had virus
    Worldwide: 82000 cases, 2800 deaths
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Saudi Arabia announced first case
    China: 99 new cases with worldwide total of 80651 cases
  • Containment: emergency spending

    President Trump signed an $8.3 billion emergency spending package to combat COVID-19
  • Transmission: Grand Princess

    Vice President Mike Pence: 21 people aboard the Grand Princess tested positive for COVID-19
  • Containment: Border Control

    Saudi authorities locked down eastern Qatif region and announced suspension of all schools across country
    Italy imposed quarantine in 15 areas in the north
  • Containment: St. Patrick's Day

    Ireland cancels St. Patrick's Day festivities over COVID-19 concerns
  • Containment: Dismissal

    Iran released some 70000 prisoners because of the outbreak in the country, without specifying when they would return to jail
  • Containment: Dismissal

    President Xi visited Wuhan for the first time since the emergence of the virus; visit came as people gradually returned to work in other parts of China
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Lebanon and Morocco report first death from virus
  • Transmission: NBA

    NBA suspended all basketball games after Utah jass preliminarily tested positive for COVID-19
  • Knowledge: WHO Declaration

    WHO declared the coronavirus as a pandemic
  • Containment: Cancellation

    NHL announced that it will pause its hockey season.
  • Containment: Declaration

    Trump declared a national state of emergency that could free up $50 billion to help fight the pandemic
  • Containment: Cancellation

    English Premier League suspended soccer season as others postponed: Melbourne F1 Grand Prix, the PGA Tour's Players Championship and Boston Marathon
  • Containment: Quarantines

    Kazakstan, the Philippines, and Austria tightened restrictions in a bid to contain the pandemic
  • Containment: Border Control

    Germany sealed borders with France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Denmark
  • Containment: Border Control

    Canada announced plans to close the border to noncitizens
  • Knowledge: Vaccine

    US researchers administered the first shot of experimental coronavirus vaccine into a person
  • Containment: Restrictions

    France imposed restrictions on people's movements; President Macron: people should only leave homes for essential activities.
  • Containment: Lockdown

    Belgium announced plans to lock down the country, becoming the fourth nation in Europe to enact a nationwide quarantine
  • Containment: Declaration

    Australian PM Scott Morrision declared a "human biosecurity emergency" in the country
  • Transmission: China

    China reported no new domestic cases for the first time; 34 confirmed cases were registered as "newly diagnosed imported cases."
  • Containment: Border Control

    Australia and New Zealand announced plans to close their borders to all foreigners
  • Transmission: Delay

    Connecticut delayed its presidential primary election to June
  • Containment: Warning

    US State Department raised global travel advisory to Level 4
  • Knowledge: Dr. Li Wenliang

    China exonerated Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who was reprimanded for warning about COVID-19
  • Transmission: Death and Case

    Globally, death toll past 10,000.
    More cases in Iran: 14,991 infected and 853 dead
  • Containment: EU

    EU took step to suspend rules on public deficits, giving countries free rein to inject spending into the economy as needed
  • Knowledge: Vaccine

    China administered its first clinical trials of coronavirus vaccines to volunteers, according to local media reports
  • Containment: Olympics

    Canada announced that it will not send athletes to the Olympics later this year if not delayed
  • Containment: Aid Workers

    US: swept $2 trillion measure to aid workers, businesses, and a healthcare system strained by pandemic
  • Transmission: Death and Case

    The death toll in Spain past 10,000
  • Knowledge: UN chief

    Chief Antonio Guterres warned the pandemic presents world with "worse crisis" since WW2 as global toll cases reach one million and death topped 50,000
  • Knowledge: Warning

    WHO warned governments in Middle East that they should act quickly to limit the spread of the virus
  • Transmission: Boris Johnson

    UK PM was moved into intensive care; released from intensive care on April 9, discharged from hospital April 12
  • Warning: Declaration

    Japan declared state of emergency
  • Containment: Dismissal

    Wuhan began allowing people to leave after being sealed off 76 days to contain the virus
  • Containment: Lockdown

    India and France extended nationwide lockdown
  • Knowledge: IMF

    IMF said the global economy was expected to shrink by 3% this year, biggest contraction since the Great Depression of the 1930s
  • Containment: Religion

    Saudi Arabia's grand mufti said prayers (Ramadan & subsequent Eid al-Fitr festival) should be performed at home
  • Containment: Suspension

    US: President Trump tweeted that he "will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration in the United States!"
  • Knowledge: CO2 emission

    the head of the World Meteorological Organisation said that the pandemic is expected to drive CO2 emissions down by 6%, biggest yearly drop since WW2
  • Knowledge: Unemployment

    number of US citizens who filed first-time unemployment benefits reached a record 26 million
  • Transmission: Confirmed Cases

    Coronavirus-related deaths worldwide exceeded 200,000
  • Transmission: Discharge

    Wuhan said it had no remaining cases of infection in hospitals, with all patients discharged
  • Containment: Unwinding

    French PM Edouard Philippe presented plants to unwind nationwide lockdown from May 11 conditional on the number of new cases dropping below 3000 per day
  • Containment: Reopening

    Sydney's Bondi Beach and two neighbouring beach reopened
  • Knowledge: Remdesivir effective

    Gilead Sciences' remdesivir proved effective, shortening the recovery time by four days on average
  • Containment: School

    Finland's PM Sanna Marin stated that children return to school gradually
  • Transmission: Russia

    Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin said he tested positive and would self-isolate
  • Transmission: Parliament speaker

    Pakistan's parliament speaker Asad Qaiser said he tested positive for COVID-19 after hosting an iftar dinner to celebrate Ramadan
  • Containment: Dismissal

    after 48 days of home confinement, people in Spain are allowed to go for walks
  • Transmission: Warning

    Afghanistan's health ministry raised the alarm ove the spread of coronavirus after a study suggest that about a third of the capital's residents could be infected
  • Knowledge: Origin

    Australia's PM Scott Morrison said that the most likely source of COVID-19 was the market in China; Anthony Fauci, the director of US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said that the best evidence shows the novel coronavirus was not made in a laboratory in China -contradicting President Trump's claims
  • Transmission: Death Toll

    UK recorded highest official death toll in Europe, with more than 30,000 people dead
  • Containment: Emergency

    Spain extended the state of emergency imposed for two more weeks
  • Containment: Lockdown

    Brazil's health minister says for the first time that lockdown may be needed
  • Transmission: Warning

    WHO warned that 83,000 to 190,000 people in Africa could be killed by COVID-19 and infect between 29 million to 44 million if it is not contained