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Environmental Monitoring assignment

By dimentd
  • Assignment set today

    Environmental monitoring assignment due in Week 5 (16/May)
  • ANZAC Day

    No Environmental Science today
  • Decide on Area of Study

    Ask for permission to research area.
  • Deciding which Soil Investigation pracs I will be completing

    -Part 1, Determining the pH of soil samples
    -Part 2, Calculating soil content
    -Part 3, Determining the texture of the soil
  • Soil samples- Collecting

    Gathering soil samples from Moonah Park for testing on the 5th of May
  • Double Period- Soil sample testing

    Testing various soil samples for the following:
    -Soil water content
    -Soil pH levels
    -Determining soil texture
  • Soil sample water content follow up

    Recording results and putting them into a graph
  • Work on assignment

    Complete the following:
    -Examine 2 of the spheres that make up the Biosphere
    -Identify/Study one or more environmental indicators
    -Identify Introduced species
  • Double Period- Working on assignment

    Adding tables and filling in details about Moonah Park, completing TimeToast timeline
  • Assignment due

    Submission of assignment today in Period 6