Enlightenment and revolutions Lau

By klau1
  • On the Spirit of Laws

    Baron de Montesquieu, a philosophe, was devoted to political liberty. In 1748 he wrote a book based on how he thought that Britain had the best government. It explained seperation of powers and checks and balances.
  • America declares independance

    Written by Thomas Jefferson, the Declaration of Independance describes their natural rights based off the ideas of John Locke. It says that the colonies want to absolve from Britain.
  • French Revolution

    Peasents join the National Assembly, more out of fear than idealism, to revolt against the Old Regime. The peasents take away fuedal privelages from the first and second estate. Leaders would adopt the expression, "liberty, equality, and fraternity
  • Napolean overthrows the Directory through a coup d'etat

    After returning from Egypt, he was urged to take over the pollitical
    and surrounded the national leislature. After the Directory dissolved a new group was assembled with Napolean as first consul. Coup means sudden seaize of power
  • Napoleon crowns himself emperor, begins to create a vast European Empire

    Napolean's coup d'etat established him as first consul of France. After negotiating peace with Austria, Britain, and Russia, Napolean starts to focus more on restoring France. First, he wanted to repair the economy. Secondly, he wanted to end corruption in government by dismissing dishonest officials and creating public schools called lycees. He also created the Napoleonic Code which was a comprehensive system of laws.
  • Haiti wins freedom from France

    Saint domingue was a colony where the slaves greatly outnmbered their masters. They rose against their masters 1791 led by Toussaint and convinced France to end slavery. He died after being imprisoned but his lieutenant continued the fight and declared Haite a independant country, the first black colony to absolve from European control.
  • Padre Hidalgo calls for Mexican Independance.

    In 1810, Miguel Hidalgo calls his village to rebell against their spanish rulers. This was known as the Cry of Dolores. The next day, he and 80,00 men marched toward mexico city where they were defeated. After, the peastents rallied under another strong leader, Jose marie morelos, but were defeated again.
  • Napolean defeated at battle of waterloo

    Louis the XVIII had many people against him and Napolean, after being exiled, saw this as a perfect oppurtunity to regain the throne. He was welcomed back and an army formed under him. He ragained the throne but soon after other european countries started to ready their armies. Commanded by the Duke of Wellington, the British army prepared for war by the village of Waterloo. Napolean was defeated by the combined army of the British and Prussian and he was exiled to St.Helena where he died.