Jack the Ripper

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  • 1,888 BCE

    The Origins

    The Origins
    Jack the Ripper was the nickname of a serial killer that appears on England Whitechaple at the age of 1888
  • The first victim

    The first victim
    The first vistim was An n Nicols, she was found by a coachman in the early morning whit her cut neck
  • First Letter

    First Letter
    This Letter was send to the police, the letter was sign by the name of "Jack the Ripper" since this moment the strage man became know by that name
  • Second Victim

    Second Victim
    Since the Ann's investigation start a second victim was found at 6am in the same condition that the first victim was found
  • The third victim

    The third victim
    The third victim was found in a streed whit a cut neck like the other 2 victims
  • The Fourth Victim

    The Fourth Victim
    45 minutes later the third body was found an other body was found like the other bodys but in this case the body was found in a terrible condition
  • Last Victim

    Last Victim
    The last victim was found in her home in a deplorable condition, her name was Marie Jane Kelly
  • How was Jack the ripper

    How was Jack the ripper
    In 1900 a guy strat an investigation about Jack and he found the DNA of Jack in part of the dress of one of the victims, he compare this DNA and he found one of his desendants.