English back in time

By jasyj08
  • Jun 19, 1100

    Old english

    Old english
    Germans tribes spoke similar languages to english until around 1100 ad only some french was spoken at this time. They also started to find different varities of english.
  • Jul 12, 1300

    Middle english

    Middle english
    English replaces french as the major lanauge being taught in schools and english also took latin over. English is used in parliment for the first time. The great poet Chauer help the native americans understand the language.
  • May 20, 1400

    Offcial language

    Offcial language
    The english language finally becomes an offical language by the courts.William Caxton establishes the first English printing press.
  • Jun 21, 1500

    Middle english

    Middle english
    The famous peot shakesphere was born in this year. 14th century english was popular in Great Briton. Shakesphere really help the english lanuage invlove with his creative and crtical thinking he was a ver talented writter.
  • Early modern english

    Early modern english
    The alphalaetical table was invented. Shakesphere died and his first folio is published.Printing also brought standardization to English.
  • English books

    English books
    This time is when the human race began to invovle an a man named Samuel Johnson publised the famous dictionary. And he also created other books to hep you undersatnd the language better.The first daily English-language newThomas Jefferson writes the American Declaration of Independencespaper, The Daily Courant, is published in London.
  • Modern english 2

    The vowels in english started to be pronounced shorter than usaual.First english dictionary was published
  • Late 1800's

    The first webster dictinary was produce. English is taught in south africa, Asia and Australia.