• The East India Company

    The East India Company
    The English East India Company was established under a royal charter on December 31, 1600, and operated as a joint stock trading organization, state, and generated enormous profits from foreign trade with India, China, Iran, and Indonesia for more than a year. two centuries
  • The creole english

    The creole english
    The new form of English, called Creole, probably originated from the simplified English spoken between sailors and slaves on ships that brought Africans to the Caribbean. We know that slaves used many English words that they mixed with their mother tongue.
    Many Creole words were "borrowed" from the native population and are now used in English. Cigarettes and hammocks are two such examples.
    Creole is not the same in all Caribbean islands.
  • The First Fleet

    On the day on January 20, 1788, the last of the eleven ships of the First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay. Captain Arthur Phillip's search for a suitable location led him to Port Jackson. The rest of the fleet sailed in Sydney Harbor.
    They had about 1400 prisoners, soldiers and freemen. The journey from England to Australia took 252 days and around
    48 people died on the journey.