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  • 300

    Old- English is established as Indo-European

    3,000 BC
  • 410

    Old- Goths Enter Britian

    in 410
  • 500

    Old- Romans WIthdraw from Britian

    15th Century. Angles, Saxtons, and other Germans to go Britian to help and to claim land.
  • Mar 17, 600

    Old- Germanic People

    Who spoke West Germanic settled in Britian
    5-6th century
  • Mar 17, 1014

    MIddle- Cnut Crowned King of England

    Encouraged Anglo-Saxon Culture and literature
  • Sep 17, 1066

    Norman Invasion

    Replaced native ruling class with French speaking monarchy
  • Jan 18, 1100

    Beauwolf is written- early 18th Century

    Beauwolf is written- early 18th Century
    Is written in Old English
  • Mar 17, 1204

    Middle- England

    Becomes only place where Norman English is spoke
  • Mar 17, 1400

    Chaucer's Canterburry Books

    Chaucer's Canterburry Books
    MIddle English
  • Mar 17, 1445

    Printing Press

    Printing Press
    2nd millenium AD 1445
  • Mar 17, 1474

    MIddle- William Caxton

    Brings printing press to England and publishes first book in England, the Start of proper spelling
  • Mar 17, 1492

    Americas Discovery

    1st time in 1492 By Christopher Colombus
    3rd time in 1498 he reached South America
    4th time Landed in Central America
  • Mar 17, 1500

    American Discovery

    discovered 15th century- 17th Century
  • First English Dictionary

    Published by Robert Cawdrey
  • Shakes Spears First Folio PUblished

    Shakes Spears First Folio PUblished
    Early MOdern English
  • First Grammar Old English

    Published by Elisabeth Elstub
  • American Rvolution

    American Rvolution
  • Modern-Ireland Official languages

    Gaelic and English were made official languages of Ireland this year.
  • Modern- Internet

    Became commercially and publically useable
  • Modern- Texting

    Modern- Texting
    was intented this year
  • Modern- Historical Theasurus of Oxford English

    was published, it was the 2nd edition.