engelsk timeline

By valde34
  • steam engine

    steam engine
    Jerönimo De ayanz Y Biaumont: got patents in 1606
    John Smeaton: made improvements so it was posible to use crystals.
  • Washing machine

    Washing machine
  • Fax machine

    Fax machine
  • typerwriter

  • Radio

    The first radio was invented by maxvell.
    In 1890 the first radio-transmission was sent.
    original use was for comunication in war. and for police.
    Names: Alexander Popov, Nicola Tesla, Oliver lodig.
  • Dynamite

  • toilet paper

    toilet paper
  • telefon

    It was inventet by Alexander Graham Bill The telefon has bin made upon information from many well known engineres.
  • Automobile

    The first produced car was called Ford T. Designed to run primarily on roads, seating for one to eight people to primarily have four wheels and to transport people rather than goods and to carry its own engine Names: Karl Friedrich
  • Conveyor belt

    Conveyor belt
    it was inventet by Robins and was original designed for carying coal.
    Henry ford made it possible for ford motor company to produce conveyor belts for coaldmines.
  • lie detector

    lie detector
  • Bra