• Coal production in US

    Coal production in US
    In Richmond, VA the first commercial production of coal started.
  • Electricity discovered

    Electricity discovered
    Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity
  • Start of Industrial Revolution

    Start of Industrial Revolution
    The was the begining of the the industrial revolution whic h started the use of coal powered steam engines
  • End of the Industrial Revolution

    End of the Industrial Revolution
    The industrial revolution slows down
  • Coal-fired power station

    Coal-fired power station
    Thomas Edison creates this as a suply of lighting to houses
  • Hydro-electric power

    Hydro-electric power
    Energy is first created from the power of running water in Wisconsin
  • First Windmill

    First Windmill
    The first windmill is used for power.
  • Popularity of oil

    Popularity of oil
    The popularity of cars helps make oil the number one source of energy
  • Solar cells invented

    Solar cells invented
    The cells that convert the suns energy into solar energy are first invented by NASA
  • Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power
    Nuclear Power becomesthe second largest sorce of energy in the US, which replace hydro-electric energy