energy use in the U.S.

  • Coal

    In Richmond, Virginia, coal was found by settlers on the James River.
  • First natural gas well drilled

    Fredonia, New York, William Hart dug the first well that was meant to supply natural gas. natural gas is the cleanest burning fossile fuel.
  • Coal is the new wood

    The coalreally began when the first commercially American-built train was made, burning coal instead of wood. Very soon after, almost all American trains were converted to use coal.
  • first comercial oil well drilled

    While searching for oil in Pennsylvania, Edwin Drake decided to drill for it using a small steam engine instead of digging for it. at 71 feet, he hit it. This was the beginning of America's first oil rush
  • electric plant

    The first electric plant was built near Wall Street in New York by Thomas Edison. He started up America's first power plant.
  • hydroelectric plant

    The first hydro-electric station to supply energy to a system of people was placed in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  • wind mill

    Developed by Charles F. Brush was the world's first windmill able to generate electricity powered by the wind.
  • geothermal plant

    Although these were discovered early on in the 1800's, they were not used as a source of energy until 1921 when John D. Grant drilled a geothermal well. but they were not easy to develop like the others and was more expensive
  • hoover dam

    After many years of construction the world's largest hydroelectric power plant, the Hoover Dam, was completed on the Colorado River in Arizona.
  • thermal power plant

    This way of collecting power was focused around using the sun's energy to produce heat and run a generator.