energy use in the US

By basirul
  • transportation and wind

    transportation and wind
    British engineer William Symington developed a practical steamboat for towing barges on the Forth and Clyde Canal in Scotland. In 1807, the American inventor Robert Fulton successfully demonstrated his steamboat by making a run between New York City and Albany on the Hudson River.
  • lamp

    Warren De la Rue encloses a platinum coil in an evacuated glass tube and passes electricity through it in the first recorded attempt to produce an incandescent lamp.
  • Second law of thermodynamics

    Second law of thermodynamics
    Rudolf Clausius discovers the first statement of the second law of thermodynamics, restated by Clausius in 1865 as "entropy always increases in a closed system." In other words, energy in a closed system will change toward heat and disorder.
  • piezoelectric effect

    piezoelectric effect
    Pierre Curie discovers the piezoelectric effect that certain substances produce and electric current as a result of pressure on them.
  • Oil-Petroleum

    The first offshore oil wells are drilled.
  • Landfilling

    Landflling is introduced and becomes a popular disposal method.
  • geothermal

    The first commercial greenhouse use of geothermal energy is undertaken in Boise, Idaho. The operation utilizes a 1000-foot well drilled in 1926. In Klamath Falls, Charlie Lieb develops the first down-hole heat exchanger (DHE) to heat his.
  • nuclear

    The first nuclear reactor in England goes into operation at Windscale.
  • USA environmental protection agency

    USA environmental protection agency
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is created.
  • electric vehicle

    electric vehicle
    General Motors Corp. introduces an Electric Vehicle at the Greater LA Auto Show: the Impact (later refined into the sporty EV1, available for lease as of January 1995).