Energy Use in the United States of America

By mitzy7
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    Energy Events in the U.S.A.

  • Nature of Electricity

    Nature of Electricity
    Ben Franklin tied a key to a kite during a storm to prove to himself that lightning and static electricity were the same.
  • First Steamboat

    First Steamboat
    The first steamboat was built in the United States of America. John Fitch built the first steamboat.
  • The Electric Motor was Invented

    The Electric Motor was Invented
    The electric motor was invented by Thomas Davenport.
  • First Oil Well

    First Oil Well
    The first oil well in the U.S. invented.
  • First Light Bulb

    First Light Bulb
    The first incandescent light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison. It could used for 40 hours. Around 1880 his light bulb could be used for 1220 hours long.
  • Battery

    The first battery was invented in the U.S. Benjamin Franklin invented the first battery.
  • The First Wind Turbine

    The First Wind Turbine
    Charles Brush built the first wind turbineto generate electricity.
  • Photoelectric Cells

    Photoelectric Cells
    Photoelectric Cells were discovered.
  • Nuclear Fission

    Nuclear Fission
    Nuclear Fission is discovered in the United States.
  • Solar Panel

    Solar Panel
    Solar panel production begins in the United States of America.