ENERGY use in the United States

  • Coal!

    Coal is found near Richmond Va.
  • Natural Gas Discovered

    Natural Gas Discovered
    Natural gas is discovered by William hart in Fredonia,NY.
  • Hot Springs: First to heat homes

    Energy for natural Hot Springs begins to be used in the US to heat homes and spas.
  • Solar Power Plant

    Solar Power Plant
    The first hydroelectric power plant had direct power stations used to power arc and inncandescent lighting.
  • Solar Hot water Heater

    Solar Hot water Heater
    First solar water heater is patented in the U.S.
  • TVA

    A "New Deal" Program, TVA was the first to make water power plants.
  • First Wind Turbine

    First Wind Turbine
    Built in Grandpa's knob Vt, this was the first wind turbine built to produce electricity.
  • ORNL

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory is home to the first continuously operated Nuclear reactor, called the Graphite Reactor.
  • First ground source Geothermal heat pump installed.

    First ground source Geothermal heat pump installed.
    The first ground source gethermal heat pump is installed in the Commonwealth building in Portland,Oregon.
  • First Nuclear Power Plant

    First Nuclear Power Plant
    Built in Shippingport Pa, Named Shippingport Atomic Power Station, this was the First Nuclear power plant in the U.S.