Energy in the United States

  • Giovanni Branca

    Giovanni Branca
    Giovanni Branca, an Italian architect, designs and builds an early turbine cosisting of a boiler that moves a wooden wheel by directing steam, via a spout, to the wheel's blades.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin discovers that lightning is electricity, which opens the door for the development of electricity.
  • 1760-1830

    The Industrial Revolution begins, creating a more machine-based economy, which required people to begin using more energy.
  • 1800s

    Coal becomes the main fuel for the railway system and for homes.
  • Maryland

    Baltimore, Maryland lights its street lights with coal and is the first city to do so.
  • Micheal Faraday

    Micheal Faraday
    Michael Faraday creates the first electric motor.
  • Edwin Drake

    Edwin Drake
    Edwin Drake first drills for oil in Pennsylvania and is successful!
  • Period: to


  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford produces the first car that can run on either gasoline or ethanol.
  • Refrigerator

    The first electric refrigerator is invented.
  • Shell

    The nations first modern petroleum refinery is founded by Shell in California.
  • Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear energy becomes the second largest source of electricity in the United States.