Energy Awesomeness =)

Timeline created by RainbowDashie45
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    First windmill developed in Persia for pumping water and grining gran Note: i have no idea when the date for this is and for the other event in this time line
  • Transportation

    Robert Anderson builts the first electric car
  • Wood

    Wood used for heating and cooking in homes
  • Hydropower awesomeness

    Hydropower awesomeness
    Hydropower used for electricity in 1880 used to power an nearby well
  • Nuclear energy

    Nuclear energy
    Wilhelm Roentgen discovers X-rays congradulations for him
  • A new element

    A new element
    A new element atomic 94 was found and discovered named plutonuim.Use full for a bomb
  • olympics recycles yay

    olympics recycles yay
    Atlanta olympics finds ways to volentary recycle
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford builts first automobile that can run of ethanol
  • Oil energy

    Mesopotamins use oil for medicines and roads