By sighh
  • Jan 3, 644

    First vertical axis windmill recorded in Iran

  • Anasazi Indians build cliff dwellings with southern exposures, providing passive solar heating and cooling

  • Drilling for geothermal water at Larderello, Italy intensifies due to new methods

  • August Mouchat, French, designs a solar food cooke

  • Abel Pifre, French, designs a solar engine used to run a printing press for a paper called Le Journal Soleil

  • The first geothermal powerplant is built in Laderello, Italy

  • Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman, German, demonstrate nuclear fission

  • The first nuclear reactor begins operation in Richland, Washington

  • The first electricity producing breeder reactor is built by the Atomic Energy Commission

  • First natural gas pipeline built. 120 miles long, from Indiana to Chicago

  • Chicago adds hydrogen cell buses to mass transit