eli luvs pnwh

By bsu_rye
  • Period: to

    lewis and clark

    the first people to the pnw they paved a path to bring the white devil into washington. making the pnw what it is today
  • oregon trail

    oregon trail
    paved the way for poeple to come form the east to the pnw
  • Period: to

    pig war

    this war was faught over the san juan islands if we lost the san juans were canadian terrirtory
  • william boieng

    william boieng
    willem boeing started boieng planes, which was key in WW2 , and employs more than 50% of washingtons pople
  • grand coulle damn

    grand coulle damn
    grand coulee was the first hydro electric dam in washington, it provides alot of washingtons electricity, without it we would be paying alot for other forms of powwer