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  • -600 BCE

    Giving a name to the electricity

    Giving a name to the electricity
    Thales of Mileto discovered that rubbing a piece of amber made it atract little and light things. The word electricity comes from the greek term "elektron", that means amber.
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  • Experiments and Observations on Electricity.

    Experiments and Observations on Electricity.
    While electricity was a joyful thing used by magicians in their tricks, Benjamin Franklin wanted to see if the electricity could be more than tricks. So he did lots of observartions between electricity and lightning that ended up in the publishment of Experiments and Observations on Electricity. The most famous invention he did is the lightning rod.
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  • Thomas Edison invent the light bulb

    Thomas Edison invent the light bulb
    Thomas Edison was an inventor from the 19th century that enhanced the electricity for practical and quotidian use. Because of that, he got more than 1000 patents. His most famous invention is the light bulb.
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  • Solar Panel

    Solar Panel
    The exploitation of the sunlight to creat energy has been a goal for a lot of scientist. There are a lot scientists implicated in the investigation for the solar power but the one who invented the first solar cell, that then evolved to the solar panel, was the American inventor Charles Fritts.
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    The electricity is one of the most useful discovering that the humanity has done. It makes our world live, we have light in the dark, we can comunicate with people who are very far from us, it help us to be cold or hot when we don't like the current temperature, a lot of more uses that electricty provide us. We can't think in a world in which electricity doesn't exist it is irreplaceable, so we must maintain it in a sustainable way.