• Static Electricity ~ William Gilbert

    Static Electricity ~ William Gilbert
    In 1600, William Gilbert became the father of electricity. He was fascinated by magnets and used the polarity of the earth to help with his research for electricity.William Gilbert had the term "electricity" come from the Greek word for amber.
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    Electricity Timeline

  • Charles Francois du Fay

    Charles Francois du Fay discoverd that electricity has positive and negative charges.
  • Lightning ~ Benjamin Franklin

    Lightning ~ Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin was the man to discover that lightning was electricity in action. He proved this by placing a key on a kite and flew it in a lightning storm. Benjamin Franklin also created the lightning rod. The lightning rod would be put on the roof of a house and would transmit the lightning to the ground without the house being touched.
  • Electricity and Muscles ~ Guigi Galvani

    Electricity and Muscles ~ Guigi Galvani
    Guigi Galvani was the man to discover that muscles move because of electricity. He discoverd this by accidently giving a spark to a frog's legs. Later, he attached a lightning rod to the frog's legs and observed as the legs moved every time the rod was struck by lightning.
  • Wet-Cell Battery ~ Alessandro Volta

    Wet-Cell Battery ~ Alessandro Volta
    Alessandro Volta created a battery with a ellectrica current. This current flowed through two dics connected by wires. The materials it was made of were:
    zinc, silver discs.
    These were mixed in a solution of acid.
  • Electricity and Magnets ~ Hans Oersted

    Electricity and Magnets ~ Hans Oersted
    Hans Oersted was the man who had discovered the connection betweend electricity and magnetism. He found this because he discovered and electrical current flowing through a wire that caused a magnetic field.
  • Computer ~ Charles Babbage

    The English mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer, Charles Babbage, was the man to invent the computer. He had troubles with funding so the computer was very basic.
  • Hydroelectric Power ~ Lester Allan Pelton

    Lester Allan Pelton is the inventor of hydroelectric power. According to a 1939 article by W. F. "Pelton's invention started from an accidental observation, some time in the 1870s. Pelton was watching a spinning water turbine when the key holding its wheel onto its shaft slipped, causing it to become misaligned. Instead of the jet hitting the cups in their middle, the slippage made it hit near the edge; rather than the water flow being stopped, it was now deflected into a half-circle, coming out
  • Light Bulb ~ Henry Woodward

    Light Bulb ~ Henry Woodward
    Henry Woodward was the man to first to create the light bulb. This Canadian inventor did not recieve much credit compared to Thomas Edison because he put a patent on his creation. Thomas Edison bought his device and improved it later on.
  • Telephone ~ Alexander Graham bell

    Long ago, if people would like to talk to someone, they would have to walk all the way to that person. However; now we have the telephone. The person to invent this great device is Alexander Graham Bell. Today the telephone is much more developed though, but it could not have been what it is today if Alexander Graham Bell did not invent it in the first place.
  • Electric Car ~ John Joseph Wright

    This Canadian was the man to invent the electric car.
  • Garbage Battery ~ Richard Keefer

    Garbage Battery ~ Richard Keefer
    On the 27th of June, 1967, Richard Keefer invented a battery that ran on garbage.This battery lasted longer then a store bought battery and cost the same price. It charges on sugar and was made by a 17 year old boy.