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    Electricity first discovered

    Electricity first discovered
    There were clay pots found that had a copper plate and tin alloy along with a and iron rod that was sealed with asphalt. The iron showed signs of acidic corrosion. This was used for medical purposes.
  • Apr 22, 1500

    William Gilbert

    William Gilbert
    William Gilbert satrted to expirement with insulators and conductors.
  • von Guericke

    von Guericke
    The German physicist Otto von Guericke experimented with generating electricity.
  • Benjamin Franklin

     Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin's kite experience took place and he proposes the idea of positive and negative charges.
  • Alessandro Volta

     Alessandro Volta
    Alessandro Volta invents th first electric battery.
  • Thomas Alva Edison

    	Thomas Alva Edison
    Thomas Edison was the inventor of the lightbulb. With his invention, we could now have a lighted world.
  • Louis Latimer and Joseph V. Nichols

    	Louis Latimer and Joseph V. Nichols
    These two invented the first incandescent lightbulb with carbon filament.
  • William Stanley

    William Stanley
    William Stanley showed how electric service could be spread over a large area.
  • Heinrich Hertz

    Heinrich Hertz
    Heinrich Hertz discovers electric waves and how to measure them. He named themafter himself.
  • Electric cars

    Electric cars
    First electric streetcar was invented and driven in Seattle.
  • Refrigerator

    The first electric refrigerator was invented!