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Electric Cars

By evanl
  • Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson was the first man to propose the ida of a elctric carriage using non-rechargable energy cells
  • Thomas Devanport

    Devanport recognized the first person to make a electric carriage.
  • First rechargable battery

    First rechargable battery
    The first rechargable lead-acid storage battery was founded by Gaston Plante. This lead to these batteres being used in automibiles.
  • First succesful electric car

    First succesful electric car
    In Des Moines, Iowa he first successful automobile was established by William Morris. This lead to a handful of many different types and makes of cars.
  • Gas cars

    Gas cars
    Henery ford inventd the gas car which made a huge impac on electric car sales in the early 1900's
  • New Bill

    New Bill
    Congress introduces a new bill saying electric cars will stop air pollution. This leads to 33 million electric cars being sold in one year!
  • Today!

    Electric cars are becoming more and more popular today!