• Final Rule - Electroni Prescription Drug Program

    Goals are to ensure the safety of the patients. Make sure that they are receivng the best available care at the most savings.
    The effective date was Jan. 1, 2006.
    Financial impact:
    relationship to other initiatives:
    Impact on nursing: Nurses will be able to provide safer care. Receive more legible prescriptions.
  • Interim Final Rule- Electonic Prescriptions for controlled substances

    Goal is prescription integration with hospitals, pharmacies.
    There was additional regulations added butt the initial ones remained the same.
    Effective date 06/01/2010
    relationship to other initiatives: will help to improve communications with healthcare providers and pharmacies. Help to keep better account of pt data and help to decrease errors.
    financial impact: Impact will be huge because of the decrease in law suits due to injuries or deaths related to medication errors.
    impact on nursing:
  • Final Rule- Meaningful Use of Stage 1 Objectives and Measures

    Goal: To set mininim standards for certifications for eligible hospitals and healthcare providers in using EHR. It also set forth the requirements that must be met to received Midicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs.
    Effective: 8/27/10
    Relationship to other initiatives:
    Financial impact: A great financial impact on hospitals and healthcare providers that participate and follow rules that will allow them to recive funds that are payed out over a period of time.
    Impact on nursing:
  • Final Rule- Provisions of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

    Goal: To get health providers to implement and begin using EHR to ensure that clients are receiving safe, effective and efficient care.
    Effective: 9/27/10
    Financial impact:
    Relatiion to other initiatives: Will allow patients information to be shared with other healthcare providers and hospitals. Paper files and unauthorized uses can be prevented.
    Impact on nursing: Nurses having access to clients information and able to share information.
  • Final Rule: Certification Program for HIT

    Goal: Authorization for organizations for certification of EHR technology.
    Effective: 02/02/11
    relationship to other initiatives: Make sure that EHR is in place and that organizations are properly prepared for use
    financial impact:
    impact on nursing: Ensures that proper protocols are in place that nurses are receiving the most accurate information possible for patient care, education and research
  • Final Rule- FDA

    Goal: Management of data improvement
    Effective; 04/18/11
    relationship to other initiatives: Ensure proper us and storage of pt information. Easier access to information.
    financial impact: Savings for companies with data sharing, less paper documentation
    Impact on nursing: Able to access information from anywhere to provide better quality service.
  • Interim Final Rule- Stage 2 Meaninggul use objective for hospitals (revision)

    Goal: Make sure that clients have better access to records via EHR, get information such as labs to other providers.
    Effective date: 01/07/2013
    Relationship to other initiatives: Importance and access to information to everyone involved in client health services
    Financial impact;
    Impact on nursing: Helps clients have access to be more knowledgable of their care so they are able to communicate health issues, lab results etc to nurses which in aid in nursing providing better care.