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Effects of the war

  • The World Map Changes

    The World Map Changes
    The borders of Poland shifted to the west, differences between the Soviet Union and Allies led to the division of Germany in two countries and most of Eastern Europe became communist states under Soviet Control. Other countries went through political changes. As said, communist and non communist interest clashes in Eastern Europe. In China there was a long-lasting civil war between Nationalists and Communists. Japan abolished armed forces, gave women the right to vote and recovered economically.
  • War Criminals Go on Trial

    War Criminals Go on Trial
    Axis Powers had violated the Geneva Convention, they had to be punished. Japanese citizens were tried for committing atrocities in different countries and for the mistreat of prisoners of war, they were condemned to death. Americans prosecuted Nazis for war crimes. Nazis described their crimes during the Holocaust. They claimed to be following orders from Hitler but their excuses were not accepted. Nazis were hanged or sent to prison.
  • The Nation Prospers

    The Nation Prospers
    WW2 ended the Great Depression and helped with the economic growth of many decades. Wealth was distributed as well across the country. People was invited to move to these regions which would help with wealth and encourage migration. WW2 led to a greater governmental influence in economic affairs such as trying to control inflation. - I am not sure about the date of this event since the book does not specify.