Educational Time-line Tamina Begum

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    Educational time-line

  • Education Act 1944 "Butler act"

    The aim of this act was to create the infastructure for state education in post-war Britain
  • Percy Report

    The report in question made recommendations regarding technological education in colleges and universitys
  • Barlow Report

    The report dentified a critical shortage of scientists and consequently recommended an ambitious programme of university expansion enabling more univeristy places for science students
  • Education Act 1946

    Set out arrangements for the management of volunatry and controlled schools
  • Free milk Act

    Each student under the age of 18 was entitled to 1/3 pint of milk each day.The age entitlement was altered ,by the labour government in 1968, whereby seoncadry school students could no longer claim free milk.
  • The new Secondary Education

    government publication reiterating its commitment to tripartite system of secondary schools