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  • 1944 Education Act

    1944 Education Act
    Education Act 1944, It was not so much the year itself but they the four years before it as England was in a war state. The President of the Board of Education Herwald Ramsbotham, discussed amonst his seniors, the reconstruction of education in England. The major provisions made by this act were:
    the Ministry of Education:
    - the Minister
    - Central Advisory Councils for Education;
    the statutory system of education:
    - local education authorities
  • School Leaving age NOW 15!

    School Leaving age NOW 15!
    1947, the school leaving age moves from 14 to 15!
  • Labour!

    Clement Attlee Labour government won the general election in February 1950
  • GCE, O- Levels and A- Levels

    GCE was Introduced In 1951 in England, Wales and Northen Ireland, replacing the School Certificate and Higer School Certificate. It was created to cater for a higher range of students. Again sill in use today A-Levels exist till today, as a use of measument for to see my sutibility for university education.
  • Conservatives!

    The Conservatives came in to power in November 1951, under Anthony Eden
  • Period: to

    Conservative ruling

  • Education Act 1962

    Parents are now responsible for the attendance of thier children to school, they could be prosecuted if they fail to comply.
  • Department of Education and Science

    in 1964 the Ministry of Education was reorganised as the Department of Education and Science, Quintin Hogg became the Secatary of State for Education and Science
  • Period: to

    Labour ruling

    Harold Wilson led to Labour Party to win the general election.
  • Comprehensive Schools

    Harold Wilsons Labour govnerment, promises to set up comprehensive schools which will combine all pupils of all abilities.
  • CSE

    CSE the Certificate of Secondary Education is introduced to pupils not sitting O-Levels
  • School Leaving 16!

    School leaving age raised from 15 to 16! This is till in use today and would be the age i could have left compulsory education at the age of 16.
  • 1976 Education Act

    The 1976 Education Act (22 November 1976) stated the principle that: local education authorities shall, in the exercise and performance of their powers and duties relating to secondary education, have regard to the general principle that such education is to be provided only in schools where the arrangements for the admission of pupils are not based (wholly or partly) on selection by reference to ability or aptitude
  • Tories back to 15

    The Tories in 1979 repealed the legislation of school leaving age from 16 back to 15
  • Education Act 1980

    LEA's no longer need to provide school meals, and milk.
  • GCSE's are BORN!

    GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education, replaces O-Levels and CSEs.
    The National Curriculam, subjects to be studied till the age of 16 is introduced.
    Still in use today GCSEs would pave my way in to college/ 6th form today.
  • Education Reform Act 1988!

    National Curriculam was introduces with the Key Stages
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    Sunday 11th June, born at Marston Green Hospital
  • Education Schools Act 1992

    OFSTED has landed, providing information to the public to see how well schools are doing, after an inspection team has been made.
  • Nansen Primary school

    Nansen Primary school
    Nansen Primary School, i attended my first school joining reception at the age of 4.
  • 1995 SATS

    National Curriculam Tests for 7, 11 and 14 year olds
  • 1996 GNVQs

    GNVQs are offered as work based alternative for non- academic students.
  • Period: to

    Blairs ruling

  • Colebourne Primary School

    Colebourne Primary School
    I joined Colebourne Primary School, as we moved homes. moving to a new area meant i had to change school, which led me to join the school across the road.
  • NSR

    National Numracy Stratergy launched.
  • Education (Student Loans) Act 1998

    Studnet loans are now moved to the public sector.
  • Modern Apprenticeships

    Connextions, have expanded to 82000 places
  • EMA

    Education Maintenence Allowance, introduces for a greater take up of education in Post 16 education.
  • Fresh Start Scheme

    introduced to revitalise "failing" inner-city schools.
  • Excellence in Cities

    EIC introduced as a three year initiative began.
  • Washwood Heath Technology College

    Washwood Heath Technology College
    Washwood Heath Technology College, I joined my secondary school
  • First Acadmey

    Kings Manor School, first state school privatised.
  • AS levlels

    As levels are inroduced for 17 year olds as a half way stage in an A level course. Plans for lower GNVQs to be replaced with vocational GCSEs, This allowed me to gain a further half qualification as i required the UCAS points for university entry requirments.
  • Learning and Skills Act

    allowed City Technology Colleges to be renamed as City Acadamies
  • Blunkets Plans

    David Blunkett announces he plans to make a network of acadamies, private schools paid by the state.
  • New OFSTED leader.

    Mike Tomlinson became Head of OFSTED
  • DFE

    DFE is now changed to DFES, Department for Education and Skills
  • White Paper Schools

    Secondary schools are encouraged to become Specialist Schools, reduction of class sizes, Selection by Specialisation
  • Education Act 2002

    Proposals of white paper 2001 implemented.
  • New Acadmies

    3 new City Acadmies are opened
  • More Acadmies !

    In 2003 a further 3 Acadmies are opened. Workforce re-modelling, to employ more unqualified classroom assistants to reduce workload for teachers.
  • ECM

    Green Paper of 2003 led to the 2004 Children Act.
  • Washwood Heath Technology College 6th Form

    Washwood Heath Technology College 6th Form
    I Joined Washwood Heath Technology College 6th Form To study my A-levels
  • University Of Wolverhampton

    University Of Wolverhampton
    I joined University Of Wolverhampton to study my undergraduate degree course, Business Information System.
  • Guess who's Back

    The Conservatives are back to take control of the UK. Increasing university fees upto 3 folds, and making many public sector cutbacks, Education is tight as ever.
  • University Of Wolverhampton 2011

    University Of Wolverhampton 2011
    I rejoined the University of Wolverhampton to embark upon my career, doing my PGCE in ICT at the Walsall Campus.
  • As from Now!

    Who knows what the UK Tories have got instore for us. Only time will tell.