Educational Time-line

  • Education Act

    Education Act
    The "Green Book" circulated to specific people in 1941. This formed the provision of the Education Act. However, it was not complete.
  • Education Act

    Education Act
    This ammendment from the 1944 Education Act, to give LEAs the power to create "Middle Schools" to manage student transition and capacity issues.
  • Labour Party was led to a General Election victory

    Labour Party was led to a General Election victory
    Harold Wilson returned power to Labour to power, which ended the long Tories reign. This is the first time for education to be changed and expanded. A government that spent more time on Education than country defence.
  • CSE (Certificate of Secondary Education) Introduced

    This was introduced as to help children that could not handle the demands of GCE (General certificate of Education). This was to divide students who were deemed not capable.
  • Education (Milk) Act

    Education (Milk) Act
    Famously earned Mrs Thatcher the name of "milk snatcher." Thus the bill was made to make cuts of providing free milk to schools and as a money saving scheme.
  • The Education Act 1976

    The Education Act 1976
    This was passed down for LEAs to not select student applicants on the basis of ability but to provide all with education. Basic underling of this act was "no selection." However, there were loop holes in this document.
  • The Education Act 1979

    The Education Act 1979
    Magaret Thatcher had revisited the 1976 Education Act and given back the authority of LEAs for selection.
  • Education Act

    Education Act
    This provision gave the right to "two" parents to choose, reject or appeal the school of their children. Also, the right to be school governors.
  • Education Act (SEN)

    Education Act (SEN)
    New rights were given to parents. So LEAs would need to identifiy children with needs and how to address those needs.
  • CATE (Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education)

    CATE (Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education)
    This was to set standards for initial teacher training. This was to set the criteria for entry requirements, length of course, content and relevant experience.
  • Teacher influence on Curriculum?

    Teacher influence on Curriculum?
    Teachers role in developing the Curriculum was abolished. Work was shared between School Examinations Council (SEC) and the School Curriculum Development Council (SCDC).
  • Ammendment Education (No. 2) Act

    Ammendment Education (No. 2) Act
    Second part of the Education Act. Made with more importance as it summarised the implementation of the "1985 White Paper Better Schools." Reduced focus on LEAs and increase focus on Department and the schools. Hence power to governor for school rules, staffing, etc.
  • Education Reform Act

    Education Reform Act
    Most important education act since 1944. Basis of this act was for the Education Secretary to have powers. Such as the National Curriculum to be taught to pupils to the age of 16 in maintained schools, with 3 core subjects (english, maths, science), etc.
  • GCSE introduced for Teaching

    GCSE introduced for Teaching
    Replaced O-levels GCE and CSEs
  • Education (Student Loans) Act

    Education (Student Loans) Act
    Students who are eligible, to recieve loans towards maintenance.
  • Solihull Hospital, West Midlands

    Solihull Hospital, West Midlands
    I was born at Solihull Hospital
  • Education (Schools) Act

    Education (Schools) Act
    Inspection by OFSTED. With identifying, training and registering teams of school inspectors, under a registered inspector ) who will go into schools (once every four years)
  • Wyndcliffe Nursery

    Wyndcliffe Nursery
    My first and only nursery school
  • Period: to


    1 year spent at nursery
  • Reception

    Allocated to group RED
  • Period: to


    Was in reception for 1 year. Allocated to group RED
  • Wyndcliffe Primary School

    Wyndcliffe Primary School
    Down the road from the nursery school I went to.
  • Period: to

    Duration of Primary education

    6 years of primary education, including a end of year SATs test in Year 6.
  • Year 6 SATs Results

    Year 6 SATs Results
    Achieved an average pass rate in the 3 Core subjects.
  • Small Heath Secondary School

    Small Heath Secondary School
    First day at school. Uniform mandatory.
  • Period: to

    Small Heath Secondary School

    End of 5 year secondary school
  • Year 9 SATs

    Year 9 SATs
    End of Year 9 Results
  • The Children's Act (Every Child Matters)

    The Children's Act (Every Child Matters)
    Set out the national framework for delivering children’s services, and identified the five outcomes for children and young people.
  • Completion of GCSEs

    Completion of GCSEs
    Achieved 5 GCSEs including English and Maths
  • Period: to

    Duration of Post-16 Education

    3 Years spent at sixth form. Changed subjects from first year.
  • Small Heath Sixth form

    Small Heath Sixth form
    Stayed on sight. Part of the school.
  • Obtained A-levels

    Obtained A-levels
    Achieved A-levels in Business (Double Award) & ICT
  • Birmingham City University

    Birmingham City University
    The campus for IT/ Computing Related courses
  • Year 9 (KS3) SATs abolished

    Year 9 (KS3) SATs abolished
    Mr Balls scrapped tests at the age of 14 because they were uneccessary and GCSEs/ A-levels were sufficient enough to show progress from secondary schools. Teachers' Unions voted "FOR" to this decision.
  • Period: to

    3 Year Full-Time Course

    Computer Science Course lasted for 3 years
  • Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition

    Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition
    Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats formed a coalition government and won the general election. New agendas were addressed.
  • EMA abolished

    EMA abolished
    Coalition government believe that EMA was wasteful and costs over millions a year with mounting administration costs.
  • Confirmation of Degree Class

    Confirmation of Degree Class
    Achieved a 2:1 in Computer Science. Awaiting graduation date.
  • PGCE Course

    PGCE Course
    Post Graduate Course in Secondary ICT at UoW.
  • Tuition fee increase: £3,290 to ?

    Tuition fee increase: £3,290 to ?
    Liberal Democrats broke their promise in NOT raising tuition fees. Universities in England can charge up to £9,000 per year.