Educational History

  • Boston latin School

    Boston latin School
    Boston latin School was founded in 1635 in the United States
  • 17th Century Textbooks

    17th Century Textbooks
    The 17th Century textbooks were imprinted in the classroom.
  • 19th Century Republican Motherhood School

    19th Century Republican Motherhood School
    The 19th Century Republican motherhood schoola for girls/woman that focused on what was then consired their role in society.
  • Boston first public school

  • Morill Land

    Granted College Act specilaized in agriculture and engineering
  • Freedman Bureau

    Freedman Bureau
    Freedman Bureau opemed 1000 schools across the south for the blsck children.
  • Free Elemantary School

    Free Elemantary School
    1870 All States had free elementary Schools
  • High Schools were Prepatory Academic

    1880 American high school were prepatory academics for college.
  • Plessy vs. Fergusion

    It was seperate but equal.
  • Compulsory Schooling Laws

    Compulsory Schooling Laws
    By 1900 30 states with compulsory schooling laws required attendance until age 14 or higher.
  • Teacher Training Colleges

    Federal goverment involvement included funding for the teachers training colleges.
  • GI bill

    Made all college educstion possible by paying tuiton and living expenses.
  • Brown vs. Board Education

    Brown vs. Board Education
    Brown vs. Brown of Education 1954 declared separated facilities were unequal and unconstituconal.
  • Gary Plan

    Emphazed buldling and facility use studetns were divided into platoons, Amerincanize new immigrants
  • Disabaities Education

    Disablilities Education Act exteneded the defination and changed handicaped to disablilities.
  • NO child left behind

    Amendment to the IDEA
  • High Education Act

    They set up federal Scholarships and low interest loans for college studetns.