Education Time Line 1944-2012

  • Period: to

    Education in UK 1944--2012

  • 1944 Education act

    Butlers act:- Selection process at 11.
    Leaving age raised form 14-15.
    Provision for appointment of minister of education.
    Ensure educational provisions for all in Engand and Wales
  • Introduction of GCE

    General Certificate of Education,O levels and A levels.
    At this time this was only for those succesful in the selection process at 11 and enering grammer schools.
  • Ministry of Education became Department of Education and Science

  • 1964 Education Act

    This made it legal to for pupils to transfer to different school ouside the previous requirment to be aged 11. This brought about the creation of middle schools as a response of the ageing institutes could not cope with the numbers of pupils due to comprehensivation.
  • Period: to

    Labour Government

    The government spent more on education than defence during this period. A first for a British government.
    Significant increase in university places and large uptake in women entering higher education.
  • CSE introduced.

    Certificate of Secondary Education introduced for those not selceted at 11 to take GSE.
  • 1971 Thatcher the Milk Snatcher

    Thatcher takes way free school milk as part of austerity measures
  • School leaving aged increased to 16

  • 1973 Work experience act

    Work experince act made provision for pupils who were not old enough to leave, to gain work experience whilst still at school.
  • Started at St Chads CE Primar School

    I didn't get any milk. Dam that Thatcher.
  • 1980 Education Act

    This gave greater power to parents and ensured their representation in school councils.
  • The School Curriculum

    The introduction of the School curriculum,, gave a frameowrk of what should be taught.
  • Started Bilbrook CE Middle School

  • GCSE's Introduced

    General Certificate of Secondary Education, replaced both GCE O levels and CSE's. They were introduced in 1986 for the first examinations in 1988.
  • Final exams for O level and CSE.

  • The National Curriculm 5-16

    This was the first time a strict curriculm was introduced nationaly, for all pupils aged 5-16.
  • Started Codsall High School

  • Left Codsall High School

  • 1992 Education Schools Act

    LEA had their control of further and higher education reduced.
    Education Schools Act,sees the introduction of Ofsted. Teahers morale hits a low.
  • SATs introduced

    Standard Assessment Tests were introduced in 1995 for children of 11 and 14.
  • GNVQS introduced

    GNVQS wre introduced as a vocational qualifications.
  • AS introduced.

    Were introduced as a half way point for A levels or a qualification in their own right.
  • GNVQ lower tier replaces vocational GCSES

  • Modular exams to be scrapped.

    Michael Gove declares that GCSE's will be crapped as will modular exams. Pupils will only take one exam per subject at 16.