Education: Then and Now

  • Compulsory Education Law

    Massachusetts was the started the trend in 1852 requiring children to attend school up until a certain age.
  • Period: to

    United States Education

  • Teachers

    During this time teachers were left to their own devices. There was no standard that they had to make sure incorporated into their lesson plans.
  • Early 1900s

    Now 6,000 high schools exist in the United States. This expands learning well beyond elementary school.
  • The Trend

    Thirty three states and the District of Columbia now have compulsory- education laws.
  • The "Standard Unit"

    The Carnegei Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching developed the "standard unit" as a common measurement of time to teach sunjects in high schools.
  • The Progressive Association

    The Progressive Association is created and banned teaching through memorization, recitation and disicpline, all common ways of teaching in years prior.
  • Segregation is Unconstitutional

    The Supreme Court rules segregation unconstitutional in public schools.
  • Booming Education

    Booming Education
    Two million new students enrolled in public schools for the 1959-1960 school year.
  • SAT Scores Downward Spiral

    SAT Scores Downward Spiral
    In the early 80s many students were illiterate and not learning the material they needed to. SAT scores were dropping and the nation was looking who to point the finger at.