Education in Europe


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    In the early 1970s, UNESCO created ISCED. This stands for the International Classification of Education.
    ISCED has 6 parts:
    ISCED 0

    ISCED 1

    ISCED 2
    ISCED 3
    ISCED 4
    ISCED 5
    Each level includes different age groups and stages of learning.
  • ISCED 0

    ISCED 0
    ISCED 0: Pre-Primary Education.
    This stage is for children who are 3 years old. It is the initial stage of organised instructions designed to introduce 3 year olds to school. ISCED 0 meets the educational and developmental needs of children.
  • ISCED 1

    ISCED 1
    ISCED 1: Primary Education
    This stage is for children from 5 to 7 years of age. This is compulsory in all of the countries in Europe and lasts from four to six years. This level doesn't require any formal education. The children begin to learn litracy and numbers at this age.
  • ISCED 2

    ISCED 2
    ISCED 2: Lower secondary education
    It continues the basic programmes of the primary level, but at the end of this level it has compulsory education. In this level, they have specially trained teachers. This level may be “terminal” (i.e., preparing students for entry directly into working life) and/or “preparatory” (i.e., preparing students for upper secondary education). This level consists of 2 to 6 years of schooling.
  • ISCED 3

    ISCED 3
    ISCED 3: Upper secondary education
    This stage is for children from 15 to 16 years old. It is from two to five years.
    This level has a typical entrance qualification and minimum entrance requirement. Its programme is oreintation.
  • ISCED 4

    ISCED 4
    ISCED 4: Post-secondary non-tertiary education
    In this stage they revise the upper secondary education and learn tertiary education. This is to prepare the pupils for ISCED 5. There are important factors in ISCED 4:
    1. Content
    2. Age
    3. Duration
    4. Entrance requirement
  • ISCED 5

    ISCED 5
    ISCED 5: Tertiary Education
    This level requires the learning of ISCED 3 or ISCED 4. This includes academic orientation and occupation orientation.
    After this they enter the labour market.
    The factors for this level are:
    1. Duration
    2. Type of certification obtained
    3. Minimum entrance requirement
  • Europe needs Teachers!

    Europe needs Teachers!
    In 2004, a campaign was launched. It was called 'Europe needs Teachers!'
    This was to draw the attention to the education of the teacher. This ensured that the teacher's were professionally trained to teach.