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  • Compulsory Education Law

    Massachusetts passed the first law requiring children to attend school up to a certain age.
  • Boston Public Library

    The Boston Public Library opens to the public.
  • The National Teachers Association

    The National Teachers Association (now the National Education Association) is founded by forty-three educators in Philadelphia.
  • George Peabody

    After hearing of the desperate situation facing schools in the south, George Peabody funds the two-million-dollar Peabody Education Fund to aid public education in southern states.
  • The Department of Education

    The Department of Education is created in order to help states establish effective school systems.
  • Public Day School for the Deaf

    Boston creates the first public day school for the deaf.
  • Education Act

    Attempted to establish free education for all. It allowed school board to be set up where there was insufficient provision by voluntary schools. Fees were still payable with exemption for poorer parents. Boards could compel attendance.
  • The Society to Encourage Studies at Home

    The Society to Encourage Studies at Home is founded in Boston by Anna Eliot Ticknor, daughter of Harvard professor George Ticknor. It's purpose is to allow women the opportunity for study and enlightenment and becomes the first correspondence school in the United States.
  • Levy taxes to support a public school

    The Michigan State Supreme Court rules that Kalamazoo may levy taxes to support a public high school, setting an important precedent for similar rulings in other states.
  • Meharry Medical College

    Meharry Medical College is founded in Nashville, Tennessee. It is the first medical school in the south for African Americans
  • Idiots Act

    Dealt with the educational needs of those with learning difficulties. Established distinctions between mental illness and learning difficulties.
  • Committee of Ten

    Formed by the National Education Association to establish a standard secondary school curriculum, the Committee of Ten, recommends a college-oriented high school curriculum.