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Eduardo Rivera Week 03 Timeline

  • Infancy

    During my infancy I didn't have any experience with the English.
  • Period: to

    Timeline that illustrate how my language ability had changed since childhood.

  • Colegio San Benito

    Colegio San Benito
    I studied at the Colegio San Benito from 1980 to 1992. There I started to learn English. I had English class everyday for fifty minutes. I developed the skills necesary to understand, read, write and speak the English. But at this stage I didn't speak it so well.
  • The University of Tampa

    The University of Tampa
    At the University of Tampa I took a summer English program to improve my conversational English.
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico R.U.M.

    Universidad de Puerto Rico R.U.M.
    At the Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez I took the basic English course and a Technical Writing course.
  • Expeditionary Learning Children's Book Summit

     Expeditionary Learning Children's Book Summit
    I worked at the Ramirez Hostos Bilingual School in Anasco. My school was under the Expeditionary Learning Program. The program gave workshops for teachers in the United States. I had the opportunity to travel that year to Boston, Massachusetts. There I learned how to prepare a Children's Book.
  • Teaching American History for Southwest

    Teaching American History for Southwest
    The Professor Michael Campbell from the Interamerican University developed a program for Social Studies teachers to visit the old thirteen colonies. During that summer I practiced my English.
  • Endangered Species Summit

    Endangered Species Summit
    I participated on the Endangered Species Summit in Portland, Maine. On the summit I learned how to work with technology and about endangered species . There I also practiced my English.
  • Arts and Humanities Summit

    Arts and Humanities Summit
    On the Art and Humanities Summit I learned how to integrate the arts on my classroom. I made this painting in the summit. I practiced my English during the summer.
  • Pilar Barbosa Internship

    Pilar Barbosa Internship
    I had the oportunity to paticipate on the Pilar Barbosa Internship in Washington D.C. We visited some charter schools and worked a lot developing new strategies for lesrning. I practiced my English during that summer.
  • Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

    Universidad del Sagrado Corazón
    Right now I am working very hard to obtain a Bilingual Certification on the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón.
  • Ramírez Hostos Bilingual School

    Ramírez Hostos Bilingual School
    At the Ramírez Hostos Bilingual School I have been working since 2002. My students were taught Math, Science and English on English and Social Studies and Spanish on Spanish . I have been practicing my English since 2002.